March Of The Machine Story Reunites Chandra With Nissa, Kills Off An Elder Dinosaur

Two new episodes offers a cathartic reunion and an epic dinosaur battle

Illustrated by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Two more chapters of the March of the Machine story brought readers back to the main plot line and offered a look into Ixalan and the Elder Dinosaurs.

Episode 5 follows Chandra and Wrenn as they reach New Phyrexia and run into Koth, Melira, and Urabrask. Koth is unimpressed by the support sent to aid them on New Phyrexia, but is willing to play along with Wrenn’s idea to bond with the Realmbreaker. Urabrask helps them find a hidden path to Realmbreaker and is assisting the planeswalkers due to his disagreement with Elesh Norn’s plans.

Illustrated by Cristi Balanescu

Chandra and Wrenn reach Realmbreaker thanks to Koth’s help to launch them across a giant pit, leaving them alone when compleated Nissa shows up and attacks. Nissa rips apart Seven and pins Chandra to a tree. Nissa tries to convince Chandra to join her in compleation, but Chandra resists. Nissa attacks the companion-less Wrenn again and Chandra has finally seen enough. She lets loose, tackling Nissa off a cliff in an explosion of pent-up fire, hoping that Wrenn can survive and bond with Realmbreaker to carry out their plan and have a chance against the Phyrexians.

Ixalan: Three Hundred Steps Under The Sun gives us glimpses into multiple periods of time during the Phyrexian invasion. We see Hautli and Saheeli’s relationship as Hautli comforts Saheeli and reassures her that they will survive the Phyrexian attack. We also see Hautli, the warrior poet planeswalker, come up with a plan to give Ixalan a shot against the invaders.

Illustrated by Viktor Titov

Hautli, her cousin Inti, and Marven Fein, the vampire leader, draw the Phyrexians’ attention toward the Winged Temple in order to give the rest of the armies a shot at breaking a chokepoint. Hautli performs a prayer at the temple, summoning the Elder Dinosaurs to help save Ixalan. A compleated Etali appears first, leading the Phyrexian attack. But Zetalpa shows up next and attacks Etali, with the two trading blows and taking severe wounds.

Tetzimoc, Ghalta, and Nezahal answer the prayer and join forces to fight off the Phyrexians, but Etali attempts to make an escape. Zacama makes a late arrival and torches the invaders with her incredible fire breathing. Zacama then chases down Etali and the two fight it out dinosaur-style. Zacama is able to pin Etali down and the two exchange glances, and possibly more, before Zacama bites Etali’s head off, leaving just five remaining Elder Dinosaurs.

The story concludes with Zacama standing triumphant and Ixalan, Hautli and the others, surviving to see and fight another day.

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