Compleated Omnath, Legendary Team-Ups, And Transforming Praetors Headline First March Of The Machine Previews

March of the Machine first look reveals return of Planechase cards in Commander decks

Invasion of Shandalar illustrated by Adam Paquette

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) debuted the First Look video for March of the Machine at MagicCon: Philadelphia on Sunday, offering fans a glimpse at previews, booster fun treatments, lore, and more for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set.

Let’s get the key dates out of the way first:

  • March of the Machine story: March 16-27
  • Set debut, cinematic trailer, previews begin: March 29
  • March of the Machine previews: March 29-April 4
  • Complete card image galleries: April 5
  • Prerelease events: April 14-20, 2023
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online release: April 18, 2023
  • March of the Machine global tabletop release: April 21, 2023
  • March of the Machine in-store launch party events: April 21-23

The panel at MagicCon: Philadelphia kicked things off with the March of the Machine hype video and showed images of the returning praetors.

We got to see one of the praetors, Jin-Gitaxias, a legendary creature than can transform into a saga!

The breaching of the Multiverse can be seen on the next story spotlight card — a seven-mana sorcery.

After the breach, we can see the habitants of the various planes fighting back against the Phyrexian invasion.

Invasion of Shandalar
Invasion of Mercadia
Invasion of Alara
Invasion of Lorwyn
Invasion of Tarkir

We can see the results of the Phyrexian invasion with the compleation of familiar characters. Take a look at Heliod, the Radiant Dawn and Omnath, Locus of All.

The landscapes even show the results of the invasion. Check out the common gain lands featuring art from around the Multiverse after the Phyrexian breach.

But the war isn’t over. Is that Elspeth’s music?

And feast your eyes on the new Chandra!

Other familiar characters are teaming up to fend off the Phyrexians from their planes.

Of course, what would a new Magic set be without all the booster fun treatments? Some of the usual things can be expected with borderless planeswalkers and extended-art cards.

The praetors will also be receiving the borderless treatment.

Characters also get returning planar treatments from their home planes. These planar treatments harken back to previous sets’ booster fun variants. Take a look at the ichor style for Jin-Gitaxias, the stained-glass treatment for Yargle and Multani, the constellation style for Heliod, the Radiant Dawn, and the equinox treatment for Thalia and The Gitrog Monster.

But wait, there’s even more! March of the Machine also features a bonus sheet similar to the Mystical Archive cards from Strixhaven: School of Mages and the retro-frame artifacts from The Brothers’ War. March of the Machine has the Multiversal Legends slot in boosters and these cards can have four different treatments: regular, foil etched, halo foil, and serialized. Yes, that is Ragavan and Atraxa!

Next up are some of the many promos coming in March of the Machine. The Buy-A-Box promo is Omnath, Locus of All.

The bundle promo is Ghalta and Mavren.

The prerelease promos continue to roll on with Eternal Witness, Chord of Calling, and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind.

There are more prerelease promos that aren’t Standard-legal but are part of the Commander set for March of the Machine. Start planning your next Commander deck with Goro-Goro and Satoru, Katilda and Lier, or Slimefoot and Squee!

Speaking of Commander …

Commander Decks And The Return of Planeshcase

March of the Machine will have five Commander decks and will feature the return of Planechase content for the first time in 11 years.

The five new Commander decks are named:

  • Growing Threat (black and white)
  • Cavalry Charge (black, blue, and white)
  • Call for Backup (white, green, and red)
  • Divine Convocation (white, red, and blue)
  • Tinker Time (red, blue, and green)

The oversized Planechase cards set new rules and allow for new experiences than a typical game of Commander. Each deck will have 10 Planechase cards: five new planes, four reprints, and one Phenomenon card.

Secret Lairs

March of the Machine will have three Secret Lair drops that will go up for order in April and be part of that month’s Superdrop. All the cards in the three drops will be halo foil and each drop will contain five cards sporting different showcase treatments. No treatment will be repeated in the three drops.

Showcase: March of the Machine Volume 1 includes: Wheel and Deal, Questing Beast, Olivia Voldaren, Walking Ballista, and The World Tree.

March Of The Machine: The Aftermath

Lastly, we got a sneak peak at the micro-set that follows March of the Machine. March of the Machine: The Aftermath will be a narrative-focused set, with an emphasis on showing the consequences of the story. It will be a 50-card set that uses five-card Epilogue Boosters. The set will be legal in Standard. The story will start on May 1 with previews following on May 2 and 3.

To whet our appetite, here is one preview card from March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

Pour one out for royalty from Eldraine. Wilds of Eldraine will continue the Magic story following March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

Read more from the official announcement from WotC.