Official Flesh And Blood Card Database Beta Launches

Legend Story Studios revealed its new card database today

Orihon of Mystic Tenets illustrated by Milivoj Ćeran

Legend Story Studios (LSS) debuted the beta of Flesh and Blood’s official card database today at cards.fabtcg.com.

The card database was developed to support multiple ongoing projects for Flesh and Blood and to eventually assist in the future of online decklist submissions for tournaments. Flesh and Blood has more than 3,000 cards with over 25,000 unique printings and this new database will be home to all of them, providing images of the cards, the original printed text of cards, and the true text which provides the most up-to-date wording for a card as if it was printed today.

LSS has listed these three goals as the purpose for the card database:

  • Provide an interface to search through every card and print published by LSS
  • Provide the most “true text” for every card
  • Replace the card gallery as the go-to way to present card images for products

Check out the entry for Briar, Warden of Thorns for an example of true and printed text.

The true text shows the version of Briar with errata, while the printed text (with the red background) shows the original printing of the hero. The page also shows the multiple printings of the card, even showcasing the Pro Tour Champion version.

Read the official announcement from LSS.