Magic 30 Cube Returns To Magic Online Tomorrow

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to Magic Online

Regal Bunnicorn illustrated by Ilse Gort

Daybreak Games have released their weekly update article for Magic Online, detailing upcoming events, game changes, and more.

Magic 30 Cube Returns Tomorrow

To celebrate the 30th year of Magic: The Gathering, the Magic 30 Cube returns to Magic Online tomorrow for another round. The Cube has been updated to include a handful of cards from Wilds of Eldraine and some more iconic planeswalkers. League drafts will be available along with single-elimination queues. Entry fees for either option is 10 event tickets or 100 play points.

Check out the full card list for the Magic 30 Cube here.

Standard Super Qualifier This Weekend

Players can qualify for the first round of tabletop Regional Championships in 2024 on Magic Online, with the next option being the Standard Super Qualifier at 7 AM PT on Sunday. Entry options are 40 event tickets, 400 play points, or 40 MOCS Season 3 qualifier points. The Top 4 players earn invites to the next RC, while prizes pay down to 128th place.

Alternate Play Schedule

  • September 20-27 – Magic 30 Cube. (Phantom)
  • September 27-October 4 – CubeCon Cartographia Cube (Phantom)
  • October 4-18 – Vintage Cube Draft (Phantom), 64-Player Drafts return
  • October 18-25 – Innistrad Chaos Draft (Phantom)
  • October 25-November 1 – TBA
  • November 1-8 –  Wilds of Eldraine Supreme Draft (Phantom)
  • November 8-14 – TBA

Format Challenges

Time (PT)FridaySaturdaySunday
12:00 AM  Vintage Challenge
1:00 AM 32-Player Limited Challenge32-Player Limited Challenge
2:00 AM Pauper Challenge 
4:00 AM 32-Player Legacy ChallengeModern Challenge
6:00 AM 32-Player Standard ChallengePioneer Challenge
8:00 AM Modern ChallengeLegacy Challenge
10:00 AM Vintage ChallengePauper Challenge
12:00 PM 32-Player Limited Challenge32-Player Limited Challenge
2:00 PM Pioneer Challenge32-Player Standard Challenge
4:00 PM32-Player Limited Challenge  
6:00 PMModern ChallengeModern Challenge 

Patch Notes

  • “Name-Sticker” Goblin will be legal in applicable formats with the rules text outlined in this article 
  • In 1v1 games, Eureka will no longer restart the game if a player concedes during resolution
  • This issue is still known for multiplayer – no current ETA for that fix 
  • Agatha’s Soul Cauldron will correctly only apply to activated abilities of creatures it exiles 
  • The interaction between Meticulous Excavation and The Princess Takes Flight will work correctly 
  • Spawning Pool will correctly be able to tap for mana after it’s been animated 
  • Removing a shield counter from a creature via damage will correctly not cause a change of controllers 

Scheduled Downtime

The next scheduled downtime will be on Wednesday, November 8 from 9 AM to Noon to support the release of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan.

Read the original article from Daybreak Games.