Everything You Need To Know Before MTG Streets Of New Capenna Previews Begin Tomorrow

Everything you need to know before the official start of MTG Streets of New Capenna previews on April 7!

Illustrated by Volkan Baga

It’s hard to believe Streets of New Capenna is already upon us! Below you’ll find links to everything you need to know, from preview season to launch day.

Be sure to tune into twitch.tv/magic tomorrow, April 7 at 9 AM PT for the story video and official start of preview season!

Important Dates

  • Streets of New Capenna Story: March 28–April 5
  • Streets of New Capenna Story Video: March 31
  • Debut Video and Previews Begin: April 7
  • Card Image Gallery Complete: April 15
  • Commander Previews: April 18–19
  • Commander Card Image Gallery Complete: April 20
  • In-Store Prerelease Events and Sales Begin: April 22
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online Release: April 28
  • Streets of New Capenna Launch Trailer: April 28
  • Worldwide Release: April 29
  • Commander Launch Parties: April 29–May 1
  • Game Day: May 7–15
  • Store Championships: July 9–17

Catch up on the Story

Streets of New Capenna has a gripping, gritty storyline that follows planeswalkers Elspeth and Vivien. Learn about their motives on an unknown plane and get to know New Capenna’s five crime families along the way.


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Crime Bosses


Hints and Teasers

Streets of New Capenna is scheduled to release on April 29, 2022. View our official preview gallery.