Good Morning Magic Gives MTG Streets Of New Capenna Commander Deck Card Hints

Teasers for Streets of New Capenna Commander decks start to trickle in

Forest illustrated by Matteo Bassini

Gavin Verhey used Friday’s episode of Good Morning Magic to drop some hints about specific cards that will be coming out with the Streets of New Capenna Commander decks.

Verhey broke down the set as a whole and even teased that Streets of New Capenna will have an official soundtrack, just like Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Then, similar to how Mark Rosewater often drops hints for main sets, Verhey used the same style to preview some upcoming cards in the Commander decks. First up, check out 10 hints about new cards.

  • A permanent with an activated ability you can only use if a creature fought this turn
  • A card with the clue subtype
  • First ever legendary creature of a creature type people have been asking WotC to make for years
  • A card that mechanically fits in with a weird cycle of cards from Invasion
  • A new twist on a cycle that originally appeared in a previous Commander product
  • A noncreature card which has three instances of the word “three” and three instances of the numeral “3” printed on it
  • A card that begins with the text “At the beginning of your upkeep, each opponent chooses money, friends, or secrets…”
  • A legendary creature that cares about three different creature types that have never been batched together before
  • A sorcery with only eights words of rules text
  • Tons of returning one-of mechanics, including one Verhey thought we’d never see again

To wrap things up, Verhey offered up five new cards names. Each color is represented once in the names, but you have to guess which color gets what card.

  • In Too Deep
  • Jailbreak
  • Dodgy Jalopy
  • Misfortune Teller
  • Life of the Party

Lore stories will be rolling out this week for Streets of New Capenna as the ramp up toward preview season continues.