Backstory Of MTG’s Streets Of New Capenna Reveals Plane Details, Return Of Fan-Favorite Planeswalkers

Episode 1 of the New Capenna story reveals key details about the plane and more

illustrated by Grady Frederick

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has released Episode 1 of the Streets of New Capenna story, revealing new details about the plane and its inhabitants

Included in the storyline were key details about the set, including what the plane looks like outside city walls.

Beyond this city was a plane devoid of nature and life, fallen to ruin.

Illustrated by Christian Dimitrov

The plane is also described as being “out of alignment, dissonant, and weighted at each pole of synthetic and natural”. Interestingly, these words come from planeswalker Vivian Reid, who we last saw on Ikoria. While Vivian’s appearance here is unexpected, due to her love of nature and this plane being barren, her goal in New Capenna is to “…finally put to rest the ghosts of Skalla that haunted her every step.”

Along her journey in New Capenna, she has come across another planeswalker — Tezzeret. Tezzeret was just seen on Kamigawa, working with Jin-Gitaxias, however he now has his sights set on the magical substance Halo, and is working with another Phyrexian Praetor — Urabrask. While their motives remain unclear, Tezzeret assures her that they are on same side, the side of freedom.

Illustrated by Thomas Stoop

Vivian is not the only familiar face in New Capenna however, as Elspeth Tirel has returned. After defeating Heliod on Theros and winning her freedom over death, Elspeth met with Ajani who gave her the details on where to find her birthplane, which happens to be the plane on which New Capenna is located.

Illustrated by Sam Chivers

In addition to updates on a few of our favorite planeswalkers, we also got a look at the art for several of New Capenna’s residents.

Illustrated by Martina Fačková
Illustrated by Ryan Pancoast
Illustrated by Caroline Gariba
Illustrated by Katerina Ladon
Illustrated by Kieran Yanner
Illustrated by Robin Olausson
Illustrated by Joshua Raphael

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