New Cards From Disney Lorcana Rise Of The Floodborn Showcase Power Of New Bounce Mechanic

Check out several new cards from Disney Lorcana’s next set

Preview cards from Disney Lorcana‘s upcoming set – Rise of the Floodborn – are rolling out! Let’s take a look at five new cards ranging from common to super rare!

Hailing from the Disney classic, Sword in the Stone, Arthur, Wizards Apprentice is an amethyst-aligned, three-cost character. A 1/3 that quests for one lore, the power of Arthur is in his ability, which allows you to return one of your other characters to your hand in order to gain two lore. Arthur pairs really well with cards from Rise of the Floodborn like Merlin, Rabbit, which has an ability that activates both when it enters and exits play.

Next up is Prince John, Greediest of All. This uninkable three-drop is aligned with emerald ink and comes equipped with ward. His I Sentence You ability allows you to draw a card whenever your opponent discards one, which pairs really well with cards like You Have Forgotten Me and Sudden Chill from The First Chapter. While not powerful stat-wise, it quests for two lore and playing this on the third turn and then using one of your two-cost characters to sing Sudden Chill is going to be hard to deal with.

Prince Charming is another four-cost 3/3 that quests for three. He has no other abilities, but as we’ve seen with Hans, Scheming Prince, abilities aren’t needed to make these types of characters playable. Sapphire was also notably missing another solid four-drop alternative to Belle, Strange But Special, and this fills the void nicely.

For those who are interested in typal synergies, Grand Duke, Advisor to the King is the card for you. This two-cost 2/2 only quests for one lore, but his Yes, Your Majesty ability grants a nice plus one bonus to the strength of your Prince, Princess, King, and Queen characters, of which there are already many of between Disney Lorcana’s first two sets. I think this card is a little weak for a rare, but if we see more cards that reward playing royal types, Grand Duke will easily find a home.

The Sword and the Stone theme continues with Merlin, Goat, a four-cost 4/3 that quests for one. This card is really good on its own, but paired with the many bounce effects we’re getting in this set, I think this card will be great for amethyst decks trying to close out longer games.

Last up is another Lady Tremaine, the Overbearing Matriarch. While just a common, don’t be fooled – this card is really scary with all the bounce effects in Rise of the Floodborn. This card is a really great answer to aggressive decks, and helps slower ruby-based decks stabilize. I think we’ll see a lot of this card as the new metagame forms.

Rise of the Floodborn is scheduled to release in local game stores on November 17, followed by the wider release on December 1.

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