Disney Lorcana Announces Reprint Details, Competitive Circuit, And New Promo Cards

Reprint details, new promo cards, and a competitive circuit are coming to Disney Lorcana in 2024

The Disney Lorcana Twitter/X account has made a series of announcements about upcoming reprints, a future competitive circuit, and new promo cards.

The First Chapter Reprints

Disney Lorcana publisher, Ravensburger, shared updates on two plans announced in August. First, the next wave of Lorcana products, announced for October, will reach local game stores (LGS) on the week starting October 30.

Second, the reprint run originally scheduled for early 2024 will now have its release in mid-November, in time for the holiday season.

In a follow-up post, the Disney Lorcana account clarified that most reprints from The First Chapter will be indistinguishable from the original run, though certain cards will be reprinted with errata, or changes to their official wording.

Competitive Circuit and Fan Events

Next, the Disney Lorcana account announced two types of official events will begin in the second quarter (Q2) of 2024. Fan events will allow everyone interested in Disney Lorcana to celebrate the game, whether or not they play, while the competitive circuit “will be the premiere place for Disney Lorcana TCG players to prove themselves.” Ravensburger will continue to gather feedback on competitive play and announce more details on both event types in January 2024.

Convention Promotional Card Changes

Last, the Disney Lorcana account announced changes to convention promos. Instead of having each convention’s logo, future promos will have a single promo icon. Each set will have three new promo cards with slightly different foil patterns compared to the booster pack versions, and collectors will have ways to get all three promos at the same convention. The announcement also included images of Rise of the Floodborn’s three promo cards: Pinocchio, Talkative Puppet; Rapunzel, Gifted Artist; and Four Dozen Eggs.

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