Latest Print Run Of Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Includes Errata’d Cards

Newest wave of Disney Lorcana product includes updated cards

Trading card games (TCGs) are never perfect, and Disney Lorcana is no exception. Errors within art, text, and design are bound to happen, and when they are discovered post-release, the errored cards land on an errata, where developers are able to clarify and correct the mistakes. Often times, these changes are so minute that the average player would never even notice.

Work Together flavor text from the original print run of The First Chapter attributes part of the quote to “Pasha” when it should be “Pacha”.

When Disney Lorcana’s The First Chapter released this past August, minor errors and inconsistencies across various cards were discovered. While they were noticeable enough to land on Ravensburger’s errata, none were significant enough to impact the game, so they went undetected by the majority of the player base.

When discussing the topic of reprints, Ravensburger has been adamant that there won’t be a distinction between first-wave cards and subsequent reprints, however errata’d cards appear to be the exception, as an updated version of HeiHei, Boat Snack has been opened from the latest wave of product which began rolling out last week.

As seen above, the original version of the card on the left omits the word “another”, leading many to believe that the supporting character could target itself. While Ravensburger confirmed early on that supporting characters could not select themselves, the new, errata’d version of HeiHei (on the right) helps clarify the misprinting.

The change to HeiHei may seem insignificant, but it proves that Ravensburger is willing to update cards from the errata and roll them out in new waves or reprint runs, so it’s likely we’ll see more error fixes in coming waves. The existence of updated printings may also cause the original errored cards to increase value, as many TCG enthusiasts are interested in collecting misprinted cards.

For additional information on Disney Lorcana’s errata, be sure to read the original article from Lorcana Player.