Disney Lorcana Launches Official Discord Server, Announces Changes To Product Packaging

Improved packaging for future Disney Lorcana sets announced in new Discord server

Rapunzel, Sunshine, illustrated by Aubrey Archer

Disney Lorcana has launched an official Discord server ahead of Friday’s release of the game’s second set – Rise of the Floodborn.

In recent years, Discord has become the go-to free platform for various communities, many of which are gaming-focused. According to developer, Ravensburger, the Disney Lorcana Discord server will offer a “safe space to interact directly with other Disney Lorcana fans and members of the Disney Lorcana team.”

It also appears that Lorcana’s Discord will be a source of official game news, with brand manager Ryan Miller having shared a video to the server announcing that beginning with the game’s third set, sealed product will have shrink wrapping. Lorcana’s debut set, The First Chapter, came under fire by the community for its lax approach to packaging. The cardboard pull-tab, while a novel idea to reduce packaging waste, didn’t completely seal booster boxes, and it was discovered that boosters could be removed from the boxes without ripping the tab seal. Thankfully, Ravensburger has listened to feedback from the community and will be using shrink wrapping in the near future.

For those looking to join the Lorcana Discord server, click here.

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