AuthorZvi Mowshowitz

Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz is widely considered one of the world's best deckbuilders and players, a rare combination. He Top 8ed four Pro Tours, winning two, and eight Grand Prix, winning two. He tests with Team SCG when he's not busy with his day job.

Pack Rat!

Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz goes over what you should be thinking about while playing Pack Rat and takes a look at game 3 of Sam Black vs. Todd Anderson at Grand Prix Louisville.

Theros: Monstrosities & More

Zvi continues his exploration of Theros for the Standard format with the monstrosity creatures, the planeswalkers, and the key mechanics of creature removal and counters.

Theros: Key Cycles & Heroes

Pro Tour Hall of Fame member Zvi Mowshowitz takes a look at how Theros will impact the Standard format, starting with the cycles, bestow, and heroic in this article.

G/W Elves Primer

If you’d like to play G/W Elves at SCG Open Series: Salt Lake City or SCG Classic Series: New York this weekend, check out this primer by Zvi, the deck’s designer!

Hypermana Deckbuilding

Pro Tour Hall of Fame member Zvi Mowshowitz explains the principles of hypermana deckbuilding using the G/W Elves deck he designed that saw some success at #SCGINVI.

New In M14

Zvi has fallen in love with a few green cards in Magic 2014. See which ones have caught his attention, and where his test decks start so far for post-M14 Standard!

Guide To Team Booster Draft

Pro Tour Tokyo winner Zvi Mowshowitz shares more of what he learned at GP Providence with this guide to Team Draft. Get excited for the Team Sealed Open in Richmond next month!

Basic Principles Of Team Sealed

Zvi explains the basic principles of how Team Sealed works strategically with examples from Grand Prix Providence. Start preparing for SCG Team Sealed Open: Richmond next month!

Affinity At Grand Prix Portland

Zvi Mowshowitz goes over the ins and outs of the Affinity deck that he played at the Modern Grand Prix in Portland a couple weeks ago, where he finished in 3rd place.

Decks Of Future Past: Dark Simic

Team SCG member Zvi Mowshowitz talks about the Dark Simic deck he built for Block Constructed at Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze and its potential to be ported over to Standard.

New Tools For Standard

Hall of Fame member Zvi Mowshowitz highlights the new tools existing Standard decks are getting from Dragon’s Maze and what they mean for the metagame. Get ready for #SCGNJ!

Gatecrash Draft Primer

Zvi explains how to successfully draft Boros, Gruul, Orzhov, and Dimir in Gatecrash. A great read if you’re planning to play in the Gatecrash Sealed Classic at #SCGINVI on Sunday!