AuthorZvi Mowshowitz

Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz is widely considered one of the world's best deckbuilders and players, a rare combination. He Top 8ed four Pro Tours, winning two, and eight Grand Prix, winning two. He tests with Team SCG when he's not busy with his day job.

The Simic Combine

Celebrate Simic Week and prepare for Grand Prix Charlotte this weekend with Zvi’s guide to Simic in Gatecrash Draft!

Four Feature Matches

Pro Tour Tokyo winner Zvi Mowshowitz discusses in depth the four feature matches he played at Grand Prix Atlantic City with B/R Zombies.

Preparing For GP Atlantic City

Hall of Fame member Zvi Mowshowitz describes how he decided to play B/R Zombies at #GPAtCity. See why it’s a good choice for Standard at #SCGDAL or #SCGVB.

The Present And Future Of Modern

The Modern project was our next, best hope for a turn-four evergreen format. It failed. But in so doing, it became something greater: Our last, best hope for diversity.

The Decision, The Star City Effect, And Valakut

Pro Tour Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz is known for finding the most powerful mana-abusive strategies early on in a format’s life span, and Standard post-bannings is ripe for him to do so. He optimizes the Valakut list for the quick kill.

Pro Tour Paris: Hawkward, Part 2

Wednesday, March 9 – Zvi explains why one should never side out Vector Asp. All the intricacies of the deck are laid bare within. Figure out how to board and play out matches with Tempered Steel and ready yourself for SCG Open: Memphis.

Pro Tour Paris: Part 1

Wednesday, March 2 – Hall of Famer, Pro Tour champion, and all-around good guy, Zvi Mowshowitz, fought on the side of the rogues at Pro Tour Paris, but things became a bit hawkward… read the story behind the scenes.

Scars of Mirrodin Set Review: I Came Back for This? (Green)

Thursday, September 30th – Most of green is spent finding ways to prevent all the cards that are more or less “Beast!” from blurring together. It’s the ones willing to step outside that paradigm and work with the enemy that can hope to do something worthwhile…