AuthorThe GAM Podcast

Gerry Thompson and Bryan Gottlieb are the hosts of The GAM Podcast – the most competitive Magic: the Gathering podcast out there. If your goal is to succeed in tournament Magic, you can't miss an episode!

War Of The Spark Top 10s!

Gerry and Bryan reveal their Top 10 cards in War of the Spark! While they agree on how they see the new Standard unfolding, the differences, as always, are in the details…

War Of The Spark Previews!

With almost 100 cards previewed so far, Gerry and Bryan have a ton of ground to cover! Is Dreadhorde Invasion the new Bitterblossom? And what about all the planeswalkers?

No Bad Matchups: An Amulet Titan Deep Dive

With Gerry focused on last-minute prep for the Mythic Invitational, Bryan is joined by Amulet Titan master Edgar Magalhaes, and the two leave no (mana) stone unturned as they explore the misunderstood Modern deck!