HBMO’s Impact On The Modern Metagame & Why Bo1 Matters To You

Gerry and Bryan discuss the surprise dominant deck at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open and a different take on Arclight Phoenix, plus Duo Standard, best-of-one overall, and the million-dollar Mythic Invitational!

Intro Music

Mario Kart 64 “Dreaming Racing” (OC Remix #396)

  • ReMixer: prozax | Composer: Kenta Nagata

Outro Music

Chrono Cross “Victory theme” (OC Remix #3884)

  • ReMixer: Lemonectric | Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda


  • Hunter Burton Memorial Open Modern Metagame – 7:50
  • Mythic Invitational Testing – 16:27
  • Question of the Week – 1:11:21