Questions That Need Answering In Standard

Gerry and Bryan discuss Mono-Blue Aggro’s performance at SCG Dallas and the aggro-saturated format. Then it’s pop quiz time for Gerry! Can he get a passing score?

The first Mythic Championship is rapidly approaching and Bryan wants to get Gerry on the right track. They discuss Mono-Blue Aggro’s performance at #SCGDFW and the plethora of aggressive decks in the format, and finish off with some questions that Bryan would be asking himself if he were competing. Will Gerry pass or fail?


Intro Music:

Mario Kart 64 “Dreaming Racing” (OC Remix #396)

  • ReMixer: prozax | Composer: Kenta Nagata

Outro Music:

Snowboard Kids “Avalanche” (OC Remix #3865)

  • ReMixer: Miso29 | Composer: Isao Kasai & Tomohiko Sato


  • Mono-Blue going forward – 5:29
  • Rakdos – 19:09
  • Where is Mono-Red? – 49:30
  • Question of the Week – 1:03:14