Can The GAM Podcast Call Three Tournament Winners In A Row?

They shot-called Mono-Blue Aggro for SCG Dallas and Rakdos Midrange for Grand Prix Memphis. Can Gerry and Bryan go three-for-three with Mythic Championship Cleveland this weekend?


Intro Music:

Mario Kart 64 “Dreaming Racing” (OC Remix #396)

  • ReMixer: prozax | Composer: Kenta Nagata

Outro Music:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time “Sewer Surfin” (OC Remix #1730)

  • ReMixer: Juan Medrano & zircon | Composer: Harumi Ueko & Kazuhiko Uehara


  • Hunter Burton Memorial – 2:14
  • What Deck Should Gerry Play? – 4:49
  • Limited Discussion – 39:07
  • Question of the Week – 52:45