Modern Horizons And The Best Way To Approach A Linear Modern

Gerry and Bryan are eager to talk about the first glimpse of Modern Horizons! Plus, the Modern metagame has some linear decks at the top, which makes picking the correct deck difficult. How should you approach it?


Intro Music:

Mario Kart 64 “Dreaming Racing” (OC Remix #396)

  • ReMixer: prozax | Composer: Kenta Nagata

Outro Music:

TMNT “Hudson River” (OC Remix #2409)

  • ReMixer: Shnabubula | Composer: Kozo Nakamura


  • Modern Horizons – 0:56
  • Current Modern Metagame – 14:16
  • Whir Prison – 25:22
  • Amulet Titan – 37:12
  • Question of the Week – 1:00:59