AuthorSteve Sadin

Steve is a New Yorker who loves to play, talk and write about Magic. He finished 12th at Pro Tour: Atlanta. More recently, he piloted the fearsome Hulk Flash Legacy deck to the very top of an 883-person pile at Grand Prix: Columbus 2007

Feature Article — Lorwyn Standard: The Mockvitational Warm Up

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Lorwyn, it seems, brings all the boys to the yard. Everyone wants to play with the new cards, and Steve Sadin is no exception. This coming weekend, he’ll be slinging spells in the Mockvitational, and invitation-only tournament that features a Lorwyn Standard section. Today, he shares some of his decks and preparations, plus a couple of Lorwyn Draft thoughts and ideas…

Feature Article — Who’s The Extended Beatdown?

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In an open metagame, such as the current Extended, it’s advisable to pack your deckbox with threats rather than answers. However, if everyone is playing threats, and Red aggro decks abound, how on earth do you gain an edge in the aggro mirror? With Pro Tour: Valencia fast approaching, Steve examines a variety of Red decks and shares a few tips to improve them for aggro-on-aggro battles.

Three Simple Words: A PT Charleston Report *26th*

Steve, a member of Two Headed Giant, gave a creditable performance at Charleston but finished just outside the money. Finishing 9th in the Top 8 of life is always a bitter pill to swallow… Steve’s report examines the games played, and reveals the changes he’d make to the deck that almost took him all the way.

Ravnica Block Constructed: The R/G vs. G/W Matchup 2

In a complementary article to Mike Flores, Steve looks at the G/W versus R/G matchup from the Gruul perspective. While the results were the same, and the strength of the Elephants was paramount, the R/G beatdown staple is one deck that can simply destroy anything. Block Constructed promises to be a fun and varied format… but when the dust settles, with the beatdown machine remain triumphant?

Pit Skulkin’ It — A Grand Prix and PTQ Report

Steve tells of his torrid time at Grand Prix Toronto, and his more profitable performance at a subsequent Pro Tour Qualifier. Plus, he shares an intriguing draft strategy that values Skarrgan Pit-Skulk above all else. Confused? Then read on…

The Road to Regionals – Battling Flores: Ghost Husk and Heartbeat

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

For our final Premium article before Regionals, Steve Sadin shares the matchup data behind his recent testing session with Mike Flores. Piloting both Heartbeat and Ghost Husk, he faced off against Annex Wildfire, with remarkably stable results. Are you planning to run with one of the best two decks in the current Standard? Be prepared – Read Steve today!

The Road to Regionals – The Decks to Beat

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

Regionals is drawing near and now is a pretty ideal time to make your final decisions and revisions, to allow yourself some time to become acquainted with your deck. This article contains twelve of the most popular deck types for Regionals.

The Road to Regionals – Investigating Azorius: U/W Beatdown

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

In the fourth of today’s Regionals articles, Steve investigates the intricacies of the Blue/White Azorius guild, with particular reference to their beatdown ability. We all know Rakdos offers the aggressive mage an outlet for violence… can the Azorius offer similar power by taking to the air?

U/R Control: The Other Steam Vents Deck

Recently, I played in Flores’s Deckade book signing tournament. I made Top 8 with Vore, my only blemish in the Swiss being a first round loss to Beautiful Struggle Mark Young piloting Tron. However, my tournament came to an abrupt end in my Top 8 match, against Luis Neiman playing Wafo-Tapa Control. Let me tell you this match was among the biggest blowouts imaginable. The only way I could conceivably gain an advantage (short of him mulliganing to five) would be if I had a perfect draw…. on the play.

Team Strategies and Playing Vore

Steve comes to StarCityGames with a fine submission covering Vore, Honolulu observations, and Team Constructed strategies. This article contains a wealth of excellent information, especially for those serious about Team Standard…