AuthorQuentin Martin

An ex-Limited Information author, Quentin has placed in the Top 8 at four Grand Prix tournaments, and finished 8th at Pro Tour: Prague and 10th at Pro Tour: Geneva.

Feature Article – Blue in Rise of the Eldrazi Draft

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Monday, May 24th – Quentin Martin has always been a fan of the Blue spells. In Rise of the Eldrazi Limited, he’s ecstatic; Blue appears to be the strongest color in the format! Today he takes us through his personal pick orders, and discusses a number of exciting Blue-based archetypes.

Feature Article – Rise of the Eldrazi Draft Archetypes

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Tuesday, May 18th – Triple Rise of the Eldrazi draft continues apace, and Quentin Martin has been very busy. Having played a selection of interesting and successful drafts, Quentin presents his thoughts on a selection of powerful archetypes that will surely see you marching to the final table!

Feature Article – Rise of the Eldrazi Limited Impressions

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Wednesday, May 5th – Rise of the Eldrazi Limited is proving to be great fun, and everyone is looking for a leg up in the forty-card formats. Today, Limited expert Quentin Martin provides a selection of interesting takes on Rise of the Eldrazi cards that are currently overrated or underrated. Do you agree with his assessments?

Feature Article – The Road to Nationals

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Wednesday, April 21st – With Nationals Qualifier season ready to commence around the world, Quentin Martin wades into the waters of intense preparation. If you’re looking to qualify for your country’s Big Show this year, Q has some sage advice on how to gain an edge on your opponent.

Feature Article – Zendikar Limited and Austin Wrap Up

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Tuesday, October 27th – Zendikar Limited is proving to be an interesting beast, and today Quentin Martin provides his personal color pick orders. He also brings us his view of Dredge in the new Extended, and a couple of interesting Mono-Red Standard decks…

Feature Article – Confidence

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Friday, October 16th – Confidence is a tricky thing to tie down, but it seems that those at the highest level of the game have it in abundance. How can you maximize your confidence, and how does it affect your game? Quentin leads the way…

Feature Article – Austin Extended: The Gauntlet

SCG 10K Philadelphia... the first major event featuring Zendikar!
Tuesday, October 6th – Pro Tour: Austin is fast approaching, and Quentin has the perfect article for those looking to break the format. He outlines his idea of the current metagame, including the Big Three and a selection of second-string contenders. He also throws in an intriguing rogue deck that has definite potential…

Feature Article – Zendikar Limited Impressions

SCG 10K Philadelphia... the first major event featuring Zendikar!
Thursday, October 1st – Quentin Martin takes a look at the new Zendikar Limited format, highlighting a selection of interactions and insights. He also gives us the best commons in the format, an overview on how varying strategies may develop, and then throws in a couple of Extended decks for good measure!

Feature Article – Austin Extended #3: Combo

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Friday, September 11th – With Zendikar promising much to prospective Extended, Quentin Martin rounds out his thought-provoking series looking at the building blocks that will underpin the new format. He looks at the Combo options available, and touches on other archetypes in light of recent spoiler information…

Feature Article – Austin Extended #2: Control

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Friday, September 4th – In the second article in his Austin Extended series, Quentin Martin examines the Control decks on offer in the pre-Zendikar Extended format. Such developing ideas are sure to form the basis of the metagame at the upcoming Pro Tour: Austin.

Feature Article – Austin Extended #1: Beatdown

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Monday, August 24th – The approaching Pro Tour in Austin will feature the Extended format. While the true nature of that particular beast won’t be revealed until the release of Zendikar, the departure of Onslaught block will certainly shake the rafters. Quentin Martin examines the aggressive offerings left by this upheaval, in the first of an illuminating three-part series.

Feature Article – Five-Color Instant

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Tuesday, August 4th – While working for Canadian Nationals, Quentin Martin explored the Five-Color Control archetype in depth. While he opted to play Tokens to his Top 4 finish, he’s been tinkering away on his own Five-Color list ever since. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the Five-Color strategy, look no further.

Feature Article – Alara Reborn and its Impact on Limited

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Wednesday, May 6th – In the first of two articles on Limited, forty-card fanatic Quentin Martin examines the effect of Alara Reborn on the format. He examines a few of the unsung cards from the new set, and re-evaluates some of the cards we came to love in Shards/Shards/Conflux…