AuthorQuentin Martin

An ex-Limited Information author, Quentin has placed in the Top 8 at four Grand Prix tournaments, and finished 8th at Pro Tour: Prague and 10th at Pro Tour: Geneva.

Feature Article – Redundancy: Breaking the Rules

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Tuesday, March 24th – Alara/Conflux Limited is proving to be a tricky beast to master. Today, Limited guru Quentin Martin looks at Redundancy, and how paying close attention to your game plan can bear dividends on the battlefield. He also touches on Extended, continuing his discussion on Faeries from last week after a fine performance at a 148-player PTQ…

Feature Article – Extended Extensions: Elves and Fae

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Thursday, March 19th – With Elves in place as the strongest deck in the format, and Faeries holding firm as the most popular Blue choice, Quentin Martin examines both archetypes with an eye to the remaining PTQs and Grand Prix tournaments this current season.

Feature Article – Standard in Focus

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Thursday, March 5th – Now that the Pro Tour is mixed-format discipline, specific format specialists such as Quentin Martin are opening their minds to the other side of the game (whatever it may be). Today, Quentin examines a few of the Standard decks that caught his eye from Kyoto. The first? Black/White Tokens…

Feature Article – Five-Color Control in Triple Shards Draft

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Thursday, November 27th – Nick Eisel was an early adopter of Five-Color Control in Shards draft, but he moved to new archetypes when the strategy began to fail him. Today, Quentin Martin revisits the archetype with his own personal spin on things, including pick orders and mana requirements. He’s had phenomenal success with the strategy… will it work for you?

Feature Article — Being Greedy in Two-Headed Giant

With Grand Prix: Massachusetts just around the corner, we’ve a bonus Feature Article for those players teaming up to sling spells! Quentin takes a long look at the 2HG format, and brings some sage advice on all aspects of the format… great advice for the beginner and the experienced alike!

Style – The Art Of Playing To Your Strengths

What exactly is play style? How does it relate to the Limited game? Can we gain advantage by approaching our game with definite stylistic choices in mind? And how can we translate these choices into wins at the highest level. Quentin Martin – Limited specialist – tackles these questions in this thought-provoking article, sharing top pro player tips from a number of high-profile sources.

The Unsung Cards of Time Spiral

Everyone’s been reading Drafting With Rich, right? You all know that Blue is the best color, don’t you? Even if the grumpy Canadian loves his Black and Red spells, there’s no doubting the power of the sea. However, while we all know the obvious cards to look for, it’s our 21st-23rd cards in any given deck that separate the good builds from the great ones. Today, Limited expert Quentin Martin takes a look at some of the more marginal cards that can shine in the triple Time Spiral format. Some of the cards he champions, and some of the theories he posits, are definitely worth discussion…

The Philosophy of Card Evaluation

Quentin has spent the last four months travelling around the world… he’s back, and this article sees him in a reflective mood. Mr. Martin takes us through the card evaluation process, and warns us against the dangers of ignoring the surrounding ephemera that can cloud rational judgement. Never take a card’s worth at face value… there’s more to this skill than one might expect.

Making Top 8, and Examining Block Constructed

Quentin Martin looks back at his successful season, littered with Grand Prix Top 8 appearences and capped by a Sunday showing at Pro Tour Prague, and shares the highs and lows of his wild ride. The Limited expert waxes lyrical on the RGD Draft format, and touches on the Block Constructed format for those attending Pro Tour Charleston.

What Happens When Judges Get It Wrong? A PTLA Report

LA had all the potential to be the best memory ever. Sometimes memories are tarnished. Sometimes the game gets in the way. This is not a Gadiel-esque whine. This is about something that happened by the judges and the DCI that was wrong. It is not a tale of mana screw or of runner, runner gutshot. It is about something that went wrong that shouldn’t have, it is about an issue that needs to be brought to public attention.

2005 Championship Deck Challenge: Thugged Out Gifts

Welcome to the 2005 Championship Deck Challenge!
Ted asked us if anyone would like to cover Constructed articles for States. He needed someone to do a deck in each of the viable archetypes, requesting for a group of someones to brave control. Recently the thought had occurred to me that far too many people have no idea exactly what it is they should do when they cast a Gifts Ungiven. They just do what they read people often go for, or they screw up really bad. It’s normally the latter on the PTQ scene, so today we’re going to cover Gifts decks for States and teach you how to cast that silly spell.

A Look at English Nationals and the BEST Deck in Standard

Quentin Martin was the primary deck designer of the deck that Sam Gomersall used to win a spot on the Englilsh National team last weekend. What deck is it, why does Quentin feel it is the best deck in Standard by far, and why didn’t “Q” himself make the English National team? The explanation is only a click away.

The Greatest Creature in the World… A Tribute Part 2

Yesterday’s version of this labor of love received a very warm reception from StarCityGames.com readers, and today’s article is arguably even better, including guest spots from Josh Ravitz, Geoffrey Siron, Anton Jonsson, and the one and only Kai Budde.

The Greatest Creature in the World… A Tribute Part 1

It’s not often that we get an article that unexpectedly amuses the editor with just how clever and a fun it is, but that’s exactly what this one did. Today Quentin gets in touch with his Pro Tour friends and forces them to talk about their favorite creatures in the game, while explaining exactly why they fell in love. This first article contains snarky segments from Ruud Warmenhoven, Jelger Wiegersman, World Champion Julien Nuijten, and Martin himself and should be a delight for anyone who simply likes to play the game.

Food for Thought – Hop on the Trike

You know that Mono-Blue Urzatron deck that’s been floating around Magic Online, but that no one has really written about yet? Well Quentin Martin has the inside scoop on what the deck looks like and what it plays like. If you want something fun, goofy, and quite controlly to play at Regionals, this might be your lucky day.