AuthorQuentin Martin

An ex-Limited Information author, Quentin has placed in the Top 8 at four Grand Prix tournaments, and finished 8th at Pro Tour: Prague and 10th at Pro Tour: Geneva.

Defining Jitteland

These are the decklists that are going to define Philly, and they’re the best versions I know of. Sure one or two cards are experimental but this will be what 80% of your Philly opponents will be playing.

Welcome to Jitteland!

I will not be going to Philadelphia. “Because you’re rubbish”, my girlfriend cries, reading over my shoulder. That may well be true – possibly a deep insight into my future career. I myself prefer to think of it as an opportunity to spend more time focussing on my university work, but her diagnosis is probably closer to the truth.
That first sentence initially filled me with dismay and depression, I’d be missing another Pro Tour; but upon reflection maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I’d be missing Pro Tour: Jitte.

Everybody Loves Draco

It’s not often that you get to go behind the scenes during a deck’s development, but that’s exactly what Quentin Martin delivers today. The “Top Deck” as it was so named, received more coverage than any other new deck at Grand Prix: Eindhoven and in this article Quentin shows you how the deck came about, what changes they made in testing, and what the deck looks like now that eight of Europe’s best players put the deck to the work against over a thousand other players at Grand Prix: Eindhoven!