AuthorPeter Ingram

Pete Ingram is a Gold Level Pro who recently got done working at Wizards of the Coast. He has many notable accomplishments including both an Invitational and Grand Prix Top 8. With eight Pro Tour appearances, he’s looking to finally break through this year on the Pro Tour circuit. Pete is also a member of Team MetaGameGurus.com and has a podcast called The Nut Podcast.

Don’t Stay Stuck In Standard’s Past

In Week 1 after a quadruple Standard banning, the top Standard decks looked awfully familiar. Peter Ingram says that’s not good enough, and today he presents several avenues he’s eager to explore before SCG Philadelphia!

Thank You, Wizards Of The Coast

Getting Magic right isn’t just hard; sometimes it’s near impossible. That’s why SCG Tour star Pete Ingram wants to express gratitude and comment on the recent Standard changes. He was inside WotC, and he’s providing some insight into how tough it is!

3 Ways To Approach Pirates

We now have enough Pirates that we can go a few different ways, and Pete Ingram has them all (treasure) mapped out! Check in with him here if you’re looking for ships to captain in new Standard!

New Rivals Of Ixalan Brews

Pete Ingram is ready for Rivals of Ixalan for a different reason than most: he helped in creating it! Check out some of the brews he’s breaking out, straight from behind the scenes at WotC!

Underrated In Vintage Cube, Part 1

Magic Online’s Vintage Cube offers a bewildering array of possibilities. Peter Ingram shares his most underrated cards in white, blue, and black! Stay tuned for Part 2!

The Modern World I’m Living In

Peter Ingram may not have much love for Modern, but it’ll be crucial to success on the SCG Tour next year! Learn from his experiences preparing for SCG Columbus and beyond!

The Metagame’s Next Top Decklist

You wanna be on top? Then you’d best listen to Peter Ingram! He’s taking deep dives into Modern and Standard, looking for the next lists ready to have their breakout performances!

The Modern Files, Part 1: Combo/Control!

Modern Instructor Pete Ingram is handing out deck grades! Which archetypes are at the head of the class, worthy of being piloted by him at the SCG Season Two Invitational, and which are on the verge of dismissal?

“I Could Have Played Better”

Peter Ingram freely admits he could’ve played better at Grand Prix Atlanta! And part of that has to do with his strategy walking into the event. Why is he considering ditching Temur Energy for his next big Standard event? Should you do the same at SCG Baltimore?

My New Modern Archetypes

Peter Ingram has his eye on Standard for Grand Prix Atlanta, but the Invitational will be here before you know it! Get his latest takes on Modern (and, yes, Standard) for the coming weeks!

Up In Flames At SCG DC And Standard For Pro Tour Ixalan

What’s the flip side of “the fire” in competitive Magic? Burnout, and Peter Ingram was feeling it at SCG Washington DC! But there’s always something new to explore, and he turns his eye to the Standard Magic Online PTQ results ahead of Pro Tour Ixalan!

Jeskai Control And The Modern Makeover

Peter Ingram made the Top 8 of the SCG Charlotte Modern Classic, but he’s still not satisfied! Read how he’d change his Jeskai Control deck for SCG Cincinnati…and the whole sets he’d toss out of Modern if he could!