AuthorMike Sigrist

Mike Sigrist is an avid Magic player, two-time Grand Prix champion, and two-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor. Mike also won the title of 2014-2015 Player of the Year, with it granting him the title of 2015 United States National Champion.

The First Aether Revolt Decks

Mike Sigrist is tired of waiting! He wants more Aether Revolt under his tree! But for now, he’ll just have to analyze and brew the previews we have, and man, is he doing just that this week! Which of these new Standard builds has the energy to take over?

Your #SCGINVI Guide To Aetherworks Marvel

It went away for a bit, but now in the context of this new metagame, Aetherworks Marvel is quickly becoming a more serious contender! Join Mike Sigrist as he provides you with all the sideboarding and playing tips for going big at #SCGINVI!

Using Other Games To Take Over Magic

Former Player of the Year Mike Sigrist didn’t get to the top by just playing Magic! A lot of games have a lot to teach, and he nearly dominated another game at a high level this past weekend! He’s bringing you the important lessons he learned by flexing his gaming muscle!

How I Handle Mistakes

Even the best in Magic aren’t perfect. Accepting your mistakes as part of who you are will improve your game and liberate you! You just need to take the first steps! And Mike Sigrist is happy to help you get there before #SCGKNOX weekend!

Modern: A Difficult Conversation

Mike Sigrist has been working hard on the #SCGCOL Modern format! He has lots of matches tested and lots of data with other high-level pros! And he has some excellent tech for you! But he also has some findings that are a bit…disturbing.

4 Forgotten Decks From Pro Tour Kaladesh Testing

Is that old brew you gave up on just a deck whose time hasn’t come yet? Mike Sigrist dusts off four Standard lists from his Pro Tour Kaladesh testing, explains why he gave up on each of them, and tells what parts might have a future in the format! Get inspired for the #SCGBALT Standard Classic!

Delirium: Your Sideboard Guide

A bad metagame call one week can become brilliant the next! Mike Sigrist was down on his choice of B/G Delirium for the Pro Tour, but as last week’s Grand Prix results proved, it still has a place in the metagame! Get his take on how to build the deck and sideboard effectively for #SCGBALT and beyond!

The Right Moves In Standard

Despite all the strong guesswork in the world, Mike Sigrist’s favorite deck of the moment wasn’t right for the Pro Tour. But that hardly means it’s wrong for the future! Mike explains #SCGMKE’s Standard Classic dynamics as only a pro can!

Hits And Misses From Kaladesh’s Rares

The great Mike Sigrist is ready to give you more professional Magic prognostication! Which of Kaladesh’s big singles will crush Standard beneath its toes at #SCGINDY? Which ones are being overrated to the point of impossible expectation? Mike: The floor is yours!

Hits And Misses From Kaladesh’s Mythics

We’ve got a Player of the Year on staff just for moments like this! The Kaladesh mythics are huge, they’re fierce, and we don’t have long before they’re in our hands! Mike is going out on a well-informed limb to tell you which cards will dominate and which will fall by the wayside!

World Championship Decks

Mike Sigrist started off the right way by being undefeated at #MTGCHAMP, but he was unable to carry the momentum all the way to the title. How do you test for such an unusual metagame? What does he think of the controversial Modern format? Mike weighs in on the unique experience of going for Magic’s most exclusive prize!

Updates To Invitational Decks

Mike Sigrist is on his way to #GPINDY and the World Championship, but first he made a stop at the SCG Invitational! He’s got lots of advice and updates for the decks he’s becoming an expert on! Don’t miss this piece if you’re looking to master the decks Mike thinks are the best right now!

The Deck That Took Me To The World Championship

A Player of the Year title wasn’t enough for Mike Sigrist’s stellar Pro Tour legacy. Now, he’s got his eyes on the biggest trophy in the business! Read about how to pilot the newest powerful Standard deck in the metagame as you get ready for the #SCGNY Modern Classic!

Week One Strategy And The Hall Of Fame

Player of the Year Mike Sigrist wants to get you ready for all the week one Standard formats, not just #SCGCOL! But he also wants to express his gratitude for the honor of voting for the most prestigious Magic achievement of them all: The Hall of Fame!