AuthorMark Nestico

Our favorite bearded battler has moved on from the competitive Magic scene, but that doesn't mean he's putting the cardboard down. Mark has finally found his calling in everyone's favorite single-card format, Commander. Don't worry, though - he'll still be popping up from time to time to tell you why something you love sucks as only he could.

Project Tariel Racing: Initial T

Mark Nestico likes his old Tariel deck…but it sucks! He’s overhauling the whole list, and you’re the key! Help Mark out with a brand new version of this deck for 2018! What Mardu cards are a must-have for you?

The Sun Titan And The King Eternal

Mark Nestico’s unhealthy obsession with Sun Titan has led to his latest Commander deck! And don’t worry about that Brago, King Eternal at the helm. He’s not going to do anything terrible. Mark promises…

I Am Reanimated! (Nestico Commands The Dead!)

Like his minions, it turns out Mark Nestico just couldn’t stay gone! Today he relaunches his column, focusing on the format that has kept him connected to Magic even in the midst of new fatherhood: Commander!

Why Everything Sucks: 2017 Edition

Sometimes, things just need saying. When that happens, Mark Nestico comes out of retirement to say them. Trust us: fatherhood hasn’t dulled his takedown skills! The thin-skinned need not apply!

Mark Nestico’s Last Article

There will be a hole where Mark Nestico used to be. But that’s okay. Because he’s got something wonderful where a hole in him used to be. Thanks for the memories, Mark!

When Was Magic Great?

Mark Nestico reality-checks players pining for a “Golden Age” of Standard that never was and shares the secret of what makes a time in Magic truly great!

The Case For And Against Banning Emrakul

Some players think banning Emrakul, the Promised End in Standard is the way to go. Others think it wouldn’t do much or do even more harm. Who is right? Mark lays out both sides of the Promised End debate.

Revisiting Tilt

Players come and go, but tilt is eternal in the Magic community. Mark Nestico doesn’t think you should suffer it, though! He revisits a classic article and gives new tips for avoiding tilt.

Frontier Fears And Futures

It seems like we’re always fearful of losing that which we love most. It happens a lot in doomsday Magic scenarios, and Mark Nestico is feeling it big time over this new Frontier format the kids are playing!

Magic As Medicine

Mark Nestico shares a personal conversation he had that made him look back at all the people that Magic has helped throughout his journey. How has Magic helped you?

The Best On-Camera Deck Of All Time

We got a few glimpses at an incredible build that (almost) put B/G Delirium in its place! Mark Nestico was the pilot, and he’s talking about his over-the-top build for your #SCGINVI consideration!

Business Ethics: A Conversation About Cheating

Magic’s complexity is something we love, but that also means the game has some room for angle-shooting and dishonesty. If you’re a fan of community and an enemy to cheaters everywhere, Mark Nestico has your back!

How To Cope With Magic Burnout

In this excellent column, Mark Nestico tackles an issue that’s fairly common, especially among hardcore Magic grinders! What do you do when you don’t get that same feeling anymore?