AuthorMark Nestico

Our favorite bearded battler has moved on from the competitive Magic scene, but that doesn't mean he's putting the cardboard down. Mark has finally found his calling in everyone's favorite single-card format, Commander. Don't worry, though - he'll still be popping up from time to time to tell you why something you love sucks as only he could.

Magic Information Wars!

To get the truth about what’s going on in this game, we found a man that bleeds real life Goblin blood! He’s a real man, folks! Get the truth from him before it’s too late!

Paupin’ Off On Commander

Dominaria is sneaking a lot of legendary uncommons into the game. Could this be the return of Pauper Commander?! Mark Nestico talks cheap shop right here!

Coming Soon To Dominaria, Part 2

There were way too many cool legendary creatures from Dominaria for just one article! Today, Mark Nestico investigates the multicolored options. Watch out for the true Commander threat lurking at the end!

Coming Soon To Dominaria, Part 1

Spoiler alert: Dominaria has legends. Spoiler alert #2: Legends and Commander go very well together. Let’s make the best of these leaks and ship it Nestico’s way for a legendary look!

Commander Bling On A Budget, Fam

Mark Nestico may be an old man, but he gets the youth of today! He’s spitting truth about how he earns his cool EDH decks through hip lingo and some good old honest shilling! Holla, Mark. Holla.

How Reprints Are Ruining Magic

Mark Nestico is positively steamed about reprints! All that theoretical profit lost, all these whippersnappers showing up to events…it’s a conspiracy, he tells ya!

Becoming A Better Magic Player

Mark Nestico is taking a break from Commander and going back to basics! If you want to become a better Magic player, it’s time to find the good and bad in your game and start on the never-ending path to self-improvement!

Look At Me, I’m The Great Designer Search

Mark Rosewater has been in the Magic news for defending a question from the Great Designer Search 3 test. SCG’s own Mark, of the Nestico persuasion, mildly disagrees…oh, who are we kidding? He’s in rare form today, folks!

Kumena And The Fishy Tale

Mark Nestico serves up his latest Commander creation, a Merfolk deck based on Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca! Oh, and there’s a mighty fine fish story where obscure British TV characters come to life and no fourth wall is safe.

Kami-ing Out Of My Cage

Mark Nestico has shaped Kami of the Crescent Moon into a competitive yet compelling Commander deck! Check out his list and explanations. Just watch out for his music references. Killers today, they are…

Ballin’ On A Budget

Mark Nestico has quite the collection for Commander and he’s not afraid to show it! But what if you’re trying to be a 100-card superstar on a Pauper budget? Mark Nestico has a new challenge: Arahbo, Roar of the World and $10 a week to improve it!

My Dearest Dusk Rose

Mark Nestico is in love. Since she first appeared in previews for Rivals of Ixalan, he knew this Vampire was for him! If you love making endless tokens to die for your benefit, Mark has the list for you!