AuthorJohn Dale Beety

John Dale Beety is the Copy Editor for Star City Games.

Rooting For The Villain

The Gatewatch were meant to be the main characters and mascots of Magic for years to come. Why, then, have two separate villains gotten cheers for defeating them? JDB breaks down why a creative work can leave audiences rooting for the villain!

Magic Characters From A To Z!

Magic storylines confusing you? Ever wonder where the old school characters came from? JDB provides you a new resource for getting to know the game’s incredible lore and history!


Grand Prix Las Vegas went by in a blur for JDB! In a series of mini-articles, he reflects on the people and happenings that made the event memorable and reveals the answers to the puzzle in his last article!

The Planes Of Modern

Today’s Modern decks contain cards from a mishmash of blocks and settings. JDB breaks down the twelve core planes of Modern-legal sets and matches cards you might see at SCG Baltimore to their worlds!

The Amonkhet Flavor Review

A new set means it’s time for another of JDB’s patented flavor reviews! Which artwork got his thumbs-up? Which flavor text earned his ire? And has he changed his mind about the Invocations?

Masterpiece Meditation

The Amonkhet Invocations are the latest cards in the Masterpiece Series! JDB examines what came before and gives his no-holds-barred take on these additions!

Reintroducing…Nicol Bolas

Don’t call it a comeback! One of Magic’s biggest baddies and craftiest chessmasters is set to take center stage in Amonkhet. JDB has your (re)introduction to the notorious Nicol Bolas!

Full-Art Cards In Focus

Most Magic cards have separate art and text boxes, which makes rule-breaking full-art cards all the more exciting! JDB explores the history of full-art cards from the beloved Unglued basic lands to upcoming set Amonkhet!

The Gatewatch Era, So Far

Has Magic entered a new era of storytelling? JDB thinks so, and today he’s serving up a crash course on the game’s past lore as he explores where the game’s plot might go next and why!

Aether Revolt Flavor Review

SCG’s resident Vorthos expert is back, and he has a new set to examine! Which artists made their Magic debuts in Aether Revolt? What flavor text echoes a moment in India’s history? And whose revolution is it, anyway?