AuthorJohn Dale Beety

John Dale Beety is the Copy Editor for Star City Games.

On Swamps

Need a moment to break from the tournament hype today? JDB is always there to lend academic expertise on Magic’s deep history! This week, he’s talking something very basic…and yet not at all! Put your waders on…

Flavor Digest: Last Words

“Ach! Hans, run! It’s the Lhurgoyf!” Saffi Eriksdotter’s last words made Magic history. JDB takes a look at the iconic and irony-soaked subgenre of flavor text.

Flavor Digest: The Universal Translator

While Ryan Saxe is taking a well-earned week off, JDB is stepping in with a two-pack of Flavor Digests! Today he discusses a weird puzzle of the Multiverse: how do all these characters from different worlds talk to each other?

The Artists Of The Invitational

Long after JDB scrubs out of the SCG Season Two Invitational, you’ll find him haunting the artists’ booths! Get his takes on the seven Magical illustrators who’ll be selling and signing December 1-3 in Roanoke!

Dear Spike, I’m Sorry. Love, Vorthos

Magic’s player profiles are like siblings scrambling for Wizards of the Coast’s parental attention. As Vorthos comes off two years of being treated as the golden child, JDB breaks down how Spike and his pet Gideons and Jaces went horribly wrong.

Magic’s Reboots

As Magic approaches its 25th anniversary, it’s staggering how many creative details have accumulated over the years. JDB examines the ways Wizards of the Coast has jettisoned the worst of its storyline past.

American Tropes: If The USA Were Made A Magic Setting

Wizards of the Coast frequently takes parts of non-U.S. cultures for use in Magic’s settings. But what if the shoe were on the other foot? As conspiracy theorists battle robber barons, JDB uses his nation’s past to explore worldbuilding’s potential pitfalls.

The Ixalan Flavor Review

New set, new setting: it’s time for Ixalan’s flavor review! Which debuting artist likely got his break because of a Dinosaur banner? Why are the coins anachronistic? And what creative choice has JDB genuinely furious?

The Language Is Leaving Me

The Ixalan previews have given JDB plenty to think about! While he waits for the full set to write his flavor review, enjoy his meditation on how language and sounds shape perceptions of the plane and its elements!