AuthorJohn Cuvelier

Credited with designing the Aggro Loam deck that won Grand Prix Lincoln, John Cuvelier has six Grand Prix day 2s, thirteen IRL PTQ Top 8s (with three wins), two Magic Online PTQ wins, and six Pro Tour appearances. He's a grinder in every sense of the word and is right on the verge of breaking on to Magic's biggest stage.

A PTQ Report, And The Invitational

John has to skip the Invitational, but he has a decklist for what he’d sleeve in the Standard portion. He also looks at how badly a sealed pool can go when you open a Planeswalker… so be careful what you wish for, when you beg Fate for the chance.

Junding & PTQ Prep

If you’re going to play at SCG Standard Open: Seattle this weekend, John recommends giving Jund Midrange a shot. He also shares tips for Limited PTQ prep.

Rocky Road

Last time John was bubbling over for a B/W Midrange brew… which seems to have appeared in the finals of the SCG Standard Open at Cleveland. While he’s still excited, there’s another deck that has captured his heart…

Things To Be Excited About

Read what John has figured out about Theros Draft so far and consider playing his B/W Control deck at SCG Standard Open: Cleveland this weekend.


What does Theros hold for Cube? John Cuvelier tells you what he’s thinking about adding to his Cube once the new set is released.

Painting Bombs

Painted Stone has been seeing a lot of success on the SCG Open Series lately. John Cuvelier explores the archetype and presents two different takes on it.

Restoring Balance To Modern

John talks about a M14 Limited PTQ he attended and the Restore Balance deck he’s been testing and tuning in Modern. Check it out before Grand Prix Detroit!


In this week’s article, John writes about the B/R Zombies deck that he played at Game Day and explores the possibility of Zombies in Modern.


John Cuvelier shares the process of identifying why a deck is a bad matchup and finding a solution that he’s used for years to break through tough metagames.

The Story Of Me

John Cuvelier goes through the details of his Magic history, from his first FNM to first cash at a Pro Tour, in his first article for StarCityGames.com.