AuthorJeff Till

Jeff brings us a fiendish Magic puzzle from the depths of his fevered brain... have you got the skills to crack it?

Magic Puzzles – Trivia

This week you have twenty-five tricky trivia questions to answer. How much obscure Magic knowledge do you possess? This is the final week in the second competition, and four people are still in contention. Today’s challenge will determine who will become the next puzzle master.

Magic Puzzles — Turning the Tables

Have you ever been in a game where you felt in complete control, and then out of nowhere you lost everything? This week we look at a few situations where “Bad Beat” Phil was finally able to turn the tables on you and steal some victories.

Magic Puzzles – Mysterious Morphs

Morphs are not the most trustworthy fellows. They go parading around like Gray Ogres for a while and then all of the sudden… surprise! Before you know if you’ve lost a quarter of your life and you’re skipping your next untap step. Despite (or perhaps fact due to) their deceptive nature, though, morphs are a lot of fun to play. As you take on “Bad Beat” Phil this week, will your morph hordes be enough to overwhelm him, or are all your tricks for naught?

Magic Puzzles – Large Numbers

Those mean judges like to tell us that there is no such thing as infinity in Magic, only arbitrarily large numbers. I think they say that just to ruin our fun. So to put some fun back into arbitrarily large numbers, today’s challenge will be to create unlimited supplies of various Magical things.

Magic Puzzles — Riding The Storm

With RidiculousHat taking the first Magic Puzzles crown, can YOU be the next winner of this prestigious award? The next competition starts here, with a tricky puzzle set in a Time Spiral / Planar Chaos draft…

Magic Puzzles – Crossword

As we enter the fifth week of puzzles, you have already had the chance to test your Fact or Fiction splitting skills, win the first turn of the game, compare the Planeshifted cards to their original counterparts, and find ways to win in real game scenarios. This week you will have a more traditional puzzle to solve: a crossword. For those keeping track of points, this week is the final week of competition for round 1. RidiculousHat holds the lead, but it is still anyone’s game. This week’s puzzle will decide who will be the reigning puzzle master.

Magic Puzzles – Real Scenarios

Magic puzzles can be fun, but can they help you with your play? I think they can. These puzzles often test your analytic reasoning, and what is Magic but a game of logic? A lot of games come down to finding your one way of winning, and executing that plan perfectly…

Magic Puzzles – Planar Chaos

This week in Magic Puzzles, we examine the Timeshifted cards of Planar Chaos. Are they better than the originals, or just bad imitations? Find out below…

Magic Puzzles – Fact or Fiction

It’s Monday… and that means it’s time for some Magic Puzzles! Each week, Jeff brings us the most fiendish Magical conundrums he can, each one brewed in his fevered brainpan. Do you have the skills to solve the problems? Be sure to leave your answers in the forums!

The Momir Basic Primer

When Magic Online was officially released, I bought the software. I have never bought or traded for any cards online until very recently, but my account was still valuable just to be able to watch replays of premier events. Years later, I have finally purchased my first card, and it was the bargain of a lifetime. For only 2 tickets, I now have the Momir Vig avatar, which (along with basic lands) completes the most competitive deck in one very entertaining format: Momir Basic.

The Magic Trivia Contest – Answers!

Jeff presents the answers for his latest Magic Trivia Contest. How did you score? Better than I did, I’m sure. One lucky winner picks up $25 in store credit… is it you?

The Magic Trivia Contest!

Do you have a lot of useless knowledge about all things Magical? Are you itching to show that you’re smarter than everyone else? Well, this is your big chance! Today, I will be posing 100 Magic-related trivia questions. The person that scores the most points is the winner, and will be acknowledged next week, along with the answers. Oh, did I mention that the winner also gets $25 of StarCityGames.com store credit?

Magic Puzzles in Play Vol. 5

It has been a while, but today Jeff Till is back to give you problem solving types another run for your money in the latest installment of this outstanding series that combines fun and crazy mind-bending Magic brain teasers.