Magic Puzzles – Trivia

This week you have twenty-five tricky trivia questions to answer. How much obscure Magic knowledge do you possess? This is the final week in the second competition, and four people are still in contention. Today’s challenge will determine who will become the next puzzle master.

Solution to last week’s puzzle.

Puzzle 1:
Phil draws three Commandeers in a row. You cannot get them out of his hand, so you are forced to break your Mindslaver Lock, or get Slavered.

Puzzle 2:
At the end of your turn, Phil sacrificed his Sakura-Tribe Elder; while he was searching his library, he paid 5GG to put Panglacial Wurm into play. On his turn, he smashed your face in with a 9/5 trampler.

Puzzle 3:
The artifact and instant in Phil’s hand were Spellbinder and Savage Beating, respectively. He used seven of his eight mana to play the Spellbinder (imprinting Savage Beating) and equipped one of his Hill Giants, then proceeded to attack you 134 times with his one equipped Giant, playing the second mode of Savage Beating each time the Spellbinder triggered.

Puzzle 4:
Phil spends his six available mana in activating the Momir avatar, and gets… Karona, False God! He attacks with everything, choosing Knight as the creature type that gets the +3/+3 bonus. The poor Hellkite can only block one of the 5/5 first strikers, and Phil deals a minimum of seventeen damage.

Scores for this puzzle:
Vyolynce – 15
NeonBlack – 10
NotTheOne – 10
thecappen – 5

Current Scores:
Gabrosin – 35
Vyolynce – 15
NeonBlack – 14
NotTheOne – 10
thecappen – 5
VideogameD – 4
Gaeanewt – 2
guitarhero218 – 2
HermaphroGreg – 2
LoneGoat – 2
microStyles – 2
Mjlewis – 2

This Week’s Puzzle (25 points total, 1 point per question)

1. Which split card cart was commissioned as one piece instead of the usual two?
2. What card is known as Mox Monkey?
3. What color has the smallest average creature size?
4. What card’s name is the same string of letters repeated twice?
5. How many card names are palindromes?
6. Who won the first StarCityGames trivia contest?
7. What card has its name encoded into the flavor text?
8. What was the first set to have an uneven number of cards in each of the five colors?
9. What is the only non-Legends gold card to have been on the Vintage banned / restricted list?
10. Which card is nicknamed Wuv Muffin?
11. What card art changed from 3rd Edition (Revised) to 4th Edition?
12. What percentage of the creatures from Alpha does Swords to Plowshares kill?
13. What kind of tokens did never-made card “Dwarven Scouts” make?
14. What card causes an infinite loop when combined with two copies of itself (and no additional mana investment)?
15. What card’s creature type is the same as the artist’s last name?
16-25. All but two of the following cards are anagrams of other cards. List the other cards, and identify those that are not an anagram. (Ignore any non-letter pieces of the card name).

Aven Fisher
Fallow Earth
Funeral Charm
Hunted Troll
Land Aid ‘04
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss
Rolling Stones

Good luck.