AuthorJeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunningham is an old school Magic Pro from the Bronze Age of the Pro Tour. He has over 150 lifetime Pro Points, a PT Top 8 at San Diego '02, and a GP win at Philadelphia '02. He's also recognized as a prominent Magic writer, with numerous articles and tournament reports all over the web.

From Zero To The Top Tier Of Modern

Jeff Cunningham stops by to share his recent Modern adventures! He’s gone from being mostly cold to the format to understanding it on an incredibly detailed level! Let him guide you for SCG Baltimore!

Another Look At The Recent Standard Bannings

Celebrating a little format diversity is good and all, but the new philosophy on Standard bans goes a lot further than that. Jeff Cunningham isn’t a base-level thinker, and he believes this new era deserves a little more scrutiny.

Ghost Report From Pro Tour Magic 2015

The Pro Tour starts today, and what better way to learn about the struggle and the preparation required to succeed at such levels than reading the amazing Cinderella story of how a local Limited ringer learned Constructed nearly overnight on his way to reaching a Pro Tour final!

The Grind: Part 2

Friday, October 15th – What is it about The Grind that keeps Magic players coming back? Signs point to obsession bordering on psychosis. Read the epic part two of Jeff Cunningham’s masterful GP report!

The Grind: Part 1

Monday, October 11th – Jeff Cunningham loses a bet that he thought to be unlosable. Forced to write an article and attend a GP, the master craftsman pays off the bet. If you like Magic – hell, if you like words – you’ll love this article.

Feature Article – Bant Aggro in Extended

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Wednesday, April 8th – Extended season draws to a close this weekend, and players are still looking for hot new options. Today, legendary Magic writer Jeff Cunningham returns with a no-nonsense primer for Extended Bant Aggro. If you’re looking for a deck packed with aggression and a good matchup against the format’s main contenders, this is the article for you!

Jeff Cunningham’s Coldsnap Review, Part 4: Black and Gold

ColdsnapJeff continues his examination of the Coldsnap cards with an in-depth look at the Black and Gold creations. Is Garza’s Assassin the new Kill Spell of choice? Is Grim Harvest a playable addition to the oft-forgotten Gifts archetype? Is Zur the Enchanter a card that Ghost Dad needs? Read on to find out!