AuthorJeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunningham is an old school Magic Pro from the Bronze Age of the Pro Tour. He has over 150 lifetime Pro Points, a PT Top 8 at San Diego '02, and a GP win at Philadelphia '02. He's also recognized as a prominent Magic writer, with numerous articles and tournament reports all over the web.

Get Big or Die Trying: The 2006 Magic Invitational (Part 1)

Jeff Cunningham has been absent from Magic writing for too long. Today, and for the rest of the week, he’s back… with a bang! In the first of a three-part epic, ffeJ tells the tale of his fantastic performance at the 2006 Magic Invitational. This installment sees him wax poetic on Honolulu and Prague, setting the scene as only he can. Jeff wrote the finest Magic articles of 2005… and this series is simply unmissable!

Jeff Cunningham’s “Untold Legends of the Million Dollar Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour”

Jeff Cunningham is a simple man. When not slinging spells with the best players in the world and tutoring young Canadians in the Ways of the Mage, Jeff herds yaks and water buffalo on his ranch in the Great White North. In spite of these humble roots, Cunningham is one of the finest Magic writers alive and today he makes his debut on StarCityGames.com, delivering tales and spinning yarns designed to bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

Because Somebody Had To: PT Barcelona Report (31st)

I’ve been patient. It’s about three weeks after Pro Tour Barcelona, and there have been four tournament reports. Four. Quite frankly, that’s pathetic. I remember the days when you’d wake up, stretch, brew a mug of hot cocoa, and sit in front of the old 386 and find, sitting on the Dojo, a slew of…