AuthorJake Browne

Entertainer and entrepreneur, Jake Browne had qualified for two Pro Tours and made Top 8 at Junior Super Series Worlds before he turned 16. As a part-time player, he has finished in the Top 1200 Mythic rankings thirteen times as a Limited-focused grinder that wants to maximize every gem on Magic Arena. Jake lives in Denver with Sam (his fiancée), Ellie (his dog), and an increasingly aggressive number of houseplants.

The Commander Brewing Pyramid

Why do people brew Commander decks? Why do you? In his SCG farewell, Jake Browne surveys the motivations for making 100-card decks, from silly humor to serious addiction.

How To Draft Double Masters 2022

Double Masters 2022 Draft is live on Magic Online, and Jake Browne is living his best Limited life. Get his tips and tricks for navigating a fun and surprisingly Cube-like format.

How To Pack For CommandFest Richmond

What is special guest Jake Browne taking with him to CommandFest Richmond? Get his advice on packing for the trip. His top tip? Pack shirts. Why? Click to find out…