AuthorGerard Fabiano

Gerard Fabiano is a Pro Tour mainstay with a number of high-profile finishes under his belt. He made Top 4 of Pro Tour Boston and has nine Grand Prix Top 8s, including wins at Grand Prix Philadelphia, Grand Prix Montreal, and Grand Prix Baltimore. With over 275 pro points and five Open Series wins, Gerard has a great deal of experience that he loves to share. Above all else, he is a great ambassador for the game.

Feature Article – Ten Tips for Drafting Alara Block

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Tuesday, May 26th – Drafting the a full three-set block is always exciting, and Alara Block is no exception. In today’s Feature Article, popular pro Gerard Fabiano shares his Top 10 tips for drafting in Alara Block. Shifting from Shards/Shards/Conflux to Shards/Conflux/Reborn isn’t as simple as it seems… Be prepared!

Feature Article — Fabiano at U.S. Nationals

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He placed third in the Storyteller Ballot for this year’s Invitational, but he was the choice of many a pro player. His stories are, if you believe all you read, a work of genius. He’s fun, frivolous, and fiery… and he plays a mean game of Magic to boot. Gerard’s debut article takes us through his personal 5-2 performance at in the Standard portion of this year’s U.S. Nationals. Welcome aboard Gerard!