AuthorGerard Fabiano

Gerard Fabiano is a Pro Tour mainstay with a number of high-profile finishes under his belt. He made Top 4 of Pro Tour Boston and has nine Grand Prix Top 8s, including wins at Grand Prix Philadelphia, Grand Prix Montreal, and Grand Prix Baltimore. With over 275 pro points and five Open Series wins, Gerard has a great deal of experience that he loves to share. Above all else, he is a great ambassador for the game.

Choose My SCG Syracuse Deck!

The last time you guys selected Gerard’s deck, he won the tournament! Help him follow up that success again at #SCGNY this weekend! Voting closes in just a few short hours!

Sultai In Modern

Some players can be stopped. Gerard Fabiano is not one of them. Get his thoughts on the deck he took to yet another trophy at the big Modern Open at SCG Baltimore!

The Case For Modern

Gerard Fabiano responds to the recent negative sentiment of Modern by offering up some insight and Magic veteran wisdom! Use his decks and his professional mentality at the $5,000 Modern Premier IQ at #SCGLA!

Sultai, Sultai, And More Sultai!

If you think Gerard is unsure of the clan that has his allegiance, guess again! Gerard has plans to use the Sultai to take down Standard, and Legacy, should the need arise! See his brooding control builds before #SCGDC!

Legacy Abzan For SCG Philadelphia!

Gerard didn’t get a GP win and a SCGPC finals appearance in the span of a week by accident: the man knows his Magic. See the Legacy list he recommends you take to SCGPHILLY this weekend!

The Most Awesome Deck In Legacy!

What should you play at #SCGRICH? Gerard has the answer! Read about the deck that quietly put together a convincing winning record, and check out the complete tournament notes of the player who piloted it!

Nic Fit In Legacy!

Treasure Cruise? Who needs it! Gerard wants to play creatures, combos, and graveyard shenanigans. Let him show you how to have some serious fun at Grand Prix New Jersey this weekend!

Sultai At Eternal Weekend!

Jeskai and Abzan may be the most popular Standard clans at the moment, but Gerard has the opposition in mind for Legacy and Vintage! Check out the decks he’s taking to battle!

Esper for Autumn States

GFabs listened to the people and he piloted Esper Control at #SCGNJ! He describes his lessons from the event and proposes a new list for #SCGStates this weekend!

A New Monstrous Brew

Gerard Fabiano made a great comeback at the Season Three Invitational! Here, he recaps a few interesting moments and shows off a post-rotation brew he has in the works!