AuthorGeordie Tait

Geordie Tait began playing Magic in 1998, and went on to become one of the most popular StarCityGames.com columnists in the site's history. After a brief hiatus from the game, Geordie is back, and better than ever.

The Bumble

Tuesday, October 5th – Robert Frowney Junior lays down the beats this week during GT’s Sealed Deck event, and what bad timing… Also, play the “Loathsome Disease or Plane/Block Name?” game; guess who’s been paying visits to the GDS2 Wiki?

Incendiary, My Dear Watson

Tuesday, September 28th – Has Robert Frowney, Jr., Bad Play Detective, ever made an appearance in the middle of your matches? Apparently he comes to frown at Geordie quite often. Will his alter ego come to save the day?

Real Songs with B.I.G.

Tuesday, September 21st – People who make their own cards and sets are the slash fanfic writers of Magic, slamming the sweaty bodies of design and development together with all the grace of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy snogging in a barn loft.

Genius Is Overrated

Tuesday, September 14th – Bad beats and good flavor text! Geordie staggers back into Magic with an M11 Sealed event gone awry, then discusses why Wurm’s Tooth is the most flavorful card in M11!

Words, None Miraculous

Monday, September 6th – One of SCG’s most popular writers is back with a vengeance! Hear Geordie apologize for past hubris, then lay down the law on how to write good Magic articles!

A Grand Prix Toronto Report – Day 2 *T32*

Yesterday, Geordie told the tale of his strong Day 1 performance at Grand Prix Toronto. Today he moves to Day 2 play, sharing the highlights of his draft experience at the higher GP tables. His report so far has been a wild ride of strategy, bad beats, and humor. This final part sees Geordie sign out in fine form. All we can hope is that he writes again soon…

A Grand Prix Toronto Report – Introduction and Trial *T32*

Yes folks, it’s true… Geordie is back! Lured into our addictive game by a nearby Grand Prix, Sarnia’s finest returns to the pages of StarCityGames.com with an epic tale of Magical mayhem. With Jeff Cunningham recently raising the bar in the Tournament Report arena, Geordie straightens his back and squares up to the challenge. This is an excellent reintroduction to the works of Mr. Tait, and promises to be a wonderful series.

Back With Black

Eternal fan favorite Geordie’s back — again! — this time packing a new deck that he thinks can clean house against Flores Blue and Combo. If you’re sick to death of Hinder and Keiga, he’s got a deck packing a card that you’ll never expect. No, really, you won’t expect it.

Crawling Back In

He’s been gone for over a year. He walked away from the game and the writing at the height of his powers. But like the mob, just when he thought he was out, we pulled him right back in. Draft strategy, wicked jokes, hilarious rants and more snark than you can shake a stick at. That’s right kids, Geordie Tait is back in the saddle again and if this first article is any indicator, he’s better than ever.

Changing Values in MD5 Limited

When a new set comes out, you basically have to learn to draft all over again, and I try to get in there and run team drafts as soon as possible, usually starting off by using product that was won at the prerelease. Well, I didn’t attend a prerelease this time – I was otherwise occupied (and keep your smart remarks to yourself). It had to do with my sister’s wedding. Regardless of the reasons, the point is that I couldn’t attend, and no one from Sarnia won any product, so I’ve had a much harder time than usual practicing. That said, I’m still here for you, with an analysis of the cards that have gone up and down in value with the introduction of Fifth Dawn.

MMD Drafter’s Guide – Red, Part I

This week we’re going to do Red, so settle in and try to enjoy yourself while we explore the wonders of playing broken spells and attacking with whatever mediocre creatures you managed to pick up seventh pick and beyond.