AuthorErik Tiernan

Erik Tiernan has been a Commander-lover since Time Spiral block. A player since 2001, his favorite aspects of the game are the potential in multiplayer, game expectation discussions, and finding hidden gems in the dark corners of bulk boxes and binders. He lives in New Jersey.

Making A Gimmick Commander Deck Work

Just because your Commander deck has a theme doesn’t mean it has to be underpowered! Erik Tiernan shows you how to make gimmick decks work…and how to resist peer pressure to “fix” them!

In Defense Of Burn

When’s the last time you used burn in Commander? Erik Tiernan wants you to rethink this supposedly underpowered group of spells, and he’s dug through his card boxes for some great examples!

My Friends, My Opponents

In Commander, our opponents often aren’t strangers or new friends but old friends and colleagues! Erik Tiernan pays tribute to those who have taught him lessons about the format!

Lies Commander Players Tell

Commander is a friendly format for some, another competitive format for others, but one thing it doesn’t need to be is dishonest! Which of these untruths have you heard around your recent Commander clashes?

Examining Splash Theory In Commander

With new four-color decks finally possible and the ability to play more than one commander at once, Commander is unknown territory! Erik talks about an important piece that will only become more important as the format evolves!

Adapting To Your Commander Playgroup

Join Erik Tiernan as he confronts a few important deck changes he’s making based on his local metagame! How do you solve problems with your Commander decks when the metagame is too hostile?

Get Into Commander!

All new formats can be daunting, but not all of them can be so fun from the very start! Erik shows you how to teach your friends to tackle the wonderful world of Commander!

New Toys, New Themes

Commander can be many things to many people. Every time we get a new set, we also get a ton of creative potential for the format! Erik Tiernan gives you a few ways to wield Kaladesh at your next game!

Doing Everything In Commander

Commander is the widest format we’ve ever known. So how do you account for such an insanely chaotic environment? Erik Tiernan gives the case for avoiding trying to do too much with your deck!

Mana In Commander

Without a good foundation of mana, all the powerful spells of Commander are doomed to remain uncast. Erik Tiernan has your guide to mana in Commander and the power of lands in particular!

Girlfriends And Glissa Lessons

Erik Tiernan isn’t alone in his quest for the perfect Commander experience! He discusses the pitfalls his Glissa Sunseeker deck encountered and how his girlfriend Liz is advancing her game!

Sunseeking In Commander

Sometimes a commander just screams at you to build around it! We see lots of decks that champion Commander’s supposed top tier, but what about when you really want to make a statement about an underplayed legend? Erik does just that this week!