AuthorDylan Hand

Dylan Hand enters 2019 with a solid first year as a regular on the SCG Tour under his belt. Amassing a large amount of success with Modern Humans, he quickly built a name for himself in 2018, finishing the year with five Open Top 8s and a respectable tenth place finish in the yearly points race. As the newest (and youngest!) member of Team BCW, Dylan's goal in 2019 is to continue to level up his game and expand his range so that he can ascend to a place among the other juggernauts of the SCG Tour.

How To Build Humans In The New Modern Format

Dylan Hand had everything lined up for a post-Hogaak world, but not a post-Faithless Looting one with Stoneforge Mystic thrown in! He’s adjusted on the fly to bring you his build of Humans for SCG Dallas!

Eldrazi Tron In The Midst Of Hogaak Summer

Dylan Hand put his Eldrazi Tron theories into practice with a Top 16 Open finish and an IQ win! He outlines the changes he made and offers a surprising conclusion for the Modern seat at SCG Richmond!

Top Cards For Humans In Modern Horizons

Can new additions put Humans in the running for Tier 1 after Modern Horizons? Get Dylan Hand’s thoughts on Bazaar Trademage, Seasoned Pyromancer, the Horizon lands, and much more, plus a decklist to put it all together!