AuthorDylan Hand

Dylan Hand enters 2019 with a solid first year as a regular on the SCG Tour under his belt. Amassing a large amount of success with Modern Humans, he quickly built a name for himself in 2018, finishing the year with five Open Top 8s and a respectable tenth place finish in the yearly points race. As the newest (and youngest!) member of Team BCW, Dylan's goal in 2019 is to continue to level up his game and expand his range so that he can ascend to a place among the other juggernauts of the SCG Tour.

How Does Dreadhorde Butcher Stack Up?

Will Dreadhorde Butcher run over control decks? Get stymied by green midrange creatures? Be the card Judith, the Scourge Diva needed to unlock its potential? Dylan Hand checks out those possible futures!

Mulliganing In Modern

Ahead of SCG Cleveland, Dylan Hand breaks down a few of the nuances of mulliganing in Modern and presents four puzzling hands. Do you agree with Dylan’s choices?

The Case For Chalice Of The Void In Modern

Dredge and Izzet Phoenix are two of Modern’s toughest, most popular decks. What beats them both? Dylan Hand thinks Chalice of the Void is the answer for SCG Philadelphia and highlights several potential decks!

Updating Humans For SCG Regionals

With Krark-Clan Ironworks banned from Modern, the coast is clear for Humans! But how to build it for SCG Regionals? Dylan Hand provides his latest list, plus sideboarding guides for more than a dozen matchups!

All Things Mono-Red Prison In Legacy

With SCG Syracuse this weekend, it’s Legacy’s turn in the spotlight! Dylan Hand takes a look at Mono-Red Prison, the Mountains-and-artifacts strategy that could lock down the title!

Visualizing Standard Success At SCG Dallas

Dylan Hand finished in the Top 64 at SCG Dallas and learned a valuable lesson in the post-event analysis! Today he shares his charts, his findings, and one big tip for success in Ravnica Allegiance Standard!

The Week One Guide To Playing Bant Nexus

How do you sideboard for a metagame this young? Well, there are a few ways. Firstly, you can talk to Dylan Hand who gets this stuff. Secondly, you can look at the previous Standard and the new cards! Could SCG Indy be any easier for you? Thanks, Dylan!