AuthorDylan Hand

Dylan Hand enters 2019 with a solid first year as a regular on the SCG Tour under his belt. Amassing a large amount of success with Modern Humans, he quickly built a name for himself in 2018, finishing the year with five Open Top 8s and a respectable tenth place finish in the yearly points race. As the newest (and youngest!) member of Team BCW, Dylan's goal in 2019 is to continue to level up his game and expand his range so that he can ascend to a place among the other juggernauts of the SCG Tour.

How To Prepare For SCG Columbus

With Team Modern the format for the SCG Columbus main event and no Unified rules to restrict players’ deck choices, what will reign supreme? Dylan Hand gives general insights, plus the five decks he might choose to play!

Why Addendum Could Be Huge In Standard

The Azorius Senate has a mechanic that falls somewhere between incidental and broken in half. Quite the range! Dylan shares the ups, downs, and potential uses for what could be Ravnica Allegiance’s most influential mechanic!

How The Data Revolution Changed Modern

The world is driven by analytics now, and Dylan is a professional in the field! Lucky for us, he’s also a great Magic player, and these two worlds have a lot of overlap! Today he explains how simply changing your sideboard around is no longer good enough!

Your Guide To Standard Jeskai Control

Players can debate the merits of the Modern Jeskai deck all they want; we know that the Standard version is legit! Dylan Hand expects this deck to stick around for a long time to come, so learn it ASAP!

How To Win More Against Bad Matchups

SCG is thrilled to welcome SCG Tour veteran Dylan Hand! He’s using his first trip to the podium to talk about something every player needs to learn: how to deal with horrible matchups so well that you actually start winning against them!