AuthorDoctor Mox

Doctor Mox is one of our Featured Writers in disguise. Used only for his stint on SCG Daily, Doctor Mox is designed to help players and tackle some of Magic's great conundrums in a humorous way.

SCG Daily – Shuffling Up With Doctor Mox

After a hiatus caused by over-zealous falconry, the good doctor is back! As usual, he answers emails and questions from spell-slingers across the world. Today, he casts his medical eye over a few of Magic’s more casual formats, and has a little advice for a certain shuffle-shy Frenchman…

SCG Daily – Mox Takes On The World!

While we’re all extricably linked though cardboard elves, it’s true that different countries have different outlooks regarding our fair game. Spanish Magic players, for example, don’t play cards in the afternoon, preferring to spend their time being chased by bulls. French Magic games usually last a little under five minutes before someone concedes, and the English metagame largely revolves around crumpets.

SCG Daily – Completely Mental

Looking to improve your mental game and pull off the coolest jedi mind tricks just like the pros? Dr. Mox has all the info you need to become a master.

SCG Daily – Radio Mox

Today Dr. Mox answers e-mails regarding Magic’s Senior Citizens as well as trying to lend a helping hand to the U.S. National Champion.

SCG Daily – Dr. Mox Tackles 9th Edition

Dear Dr. Mox,
I’ve been playing Magic since the launch of 4th Edition. I’ve stuck with it through 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th without complaint (other than my twenty-four hour blackout and so-called “rampage” after the release of Prophecy, but I’ve made my peace with that). 9th Edition is now in the shops, and I think it’s the best thing in the whole world. If the cards were people, I would throw a big party and invite them all. Except Sengir Vampire, of course, because he’d only complain about the garlic dip.

SCG Daily – Doctor Mox’s Guide to Kamigawa Block Constructed

In the cut-throat arena of Kamigawa Block, what is the informed Weapon of Choice? Never fear! I have examined the metagame and mined all available data and will provide you everything you need to know to win at Block Constructed, regardless of race, creed, gender, or basic intelligence.

SCG Daily – Doctor Mox’s Future Sight

If you’re so clever, do something REALLY cool. Look into the friggin’ future, or something. Tell us what Magic will be like a few years down the line. I bet you a dollar to a duck’s ass that you can’t do it.

Prove me wrong, Mox. I dare ya.


SCG Daily – Doctor Mox Tackles Type Two

Dear Doctor Mox,
Don’t you realize that TYPE TWO is the only true Constructed format? Who cares if there’s a PTQ season ongoing? FNM is the tournament that separates the men from the boys!
Come on, Mox! Pull your finger out! Give us the skinny on the Standard scene!
Renton, WA