AuthorDoctor Mox

Doctor Mox is one of our Featured Writers in disguise. Used only for his stint on SCG Daily, Doctor Mox is designed to help players and tackle some of Magic's great conundrums in a humorous way.

SCG Daily – Doctor Mox’s Tricks of the Trade

Dear Doctor Mox,
I’m terrible at trading. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve handed over my valuable rares for a handful of diabolical tat. Once, I even traded away my packed lunch, my bus-fare and my trousers. I had to walk home hungry with my bits a-floppin’. Help me, Doctor Mox. I’ve Pale Moons in every pocket, Solarions on every surface, and Mudholes coming out of my mudhole!

SCG Daily – Digging Into the Mailbag

Dear Doctor Mox,
Why does Wizards make bad cards?
Do Randy and Mark hate me?
Tiny Tim
P.S. I cry myself to sleep at night when I think about the possibility of opening up another Twist Allegiance.

SCG Daily – Doctor Mox’s Guide to Extended, Pt 2

If you listen to the forums, it appears that Doctor Mox is everyone’s new favorite writer, but who is this masked man, and why does he keep talking about his Volkswagon? Bah, none of that matters, since today the Doc is back to bring you another amusing-yet-useful look at the current Extended format.

SCG Daily – Doctor Mox’s Guide to Extended, Pt 1

Not strictly funny, nor full-blown strategy, Doctor Mox uncomfortably straddles the fence between both. Today your Magical Problem Practitioner provides a guide to the Extended format that’s accessible by all players competitive to casual.