AuthorDayv Doberne

Dayv "Sunyveil" Doberne is an avid Twitch streamer, deckbuilder, rock climber, and musician. He is perhaps a bit too proud of his 50% lifetime winrate at the Pro Tour and is determined to keep it that way; nowadays he can be found jamming Two-Headed Giant side events at Magic Fests or brewing decks for Magic Arena.

The Brawl Project: Green And Green

Dayv Doberne continues his colorful theme with a pair of marvelous mono-green Brawl decks! Will you pledge fealty to Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig or make Syr Faren, the Hengehammer your champion?

Brawling With The Royal Scions

With Oko, Thief of Crowns banned from Brawl, it’s time for Throne of Eldraine’s other three-mana planeswalker card to shine! Dayv Doberne builds two decks around The Royal Scions, one for each Kenrith twin!

My Current Top Ten Cards In Brawl

The addition of Brawl to MTG Arena was met with a very warm reception from the Magic community, and after a week of playing, Dayv has list of the ten cards he thinks shined the brightest!


If you’re looking for a fair but powerful deck to play in Legacy at #SCGNJ, check out SCG Standard Open: Indianapolis winner Dayv Doberne’s Junk list!

Six Months Since Seattle

Dayv shares what he’s learned about Maverick since he got second with it at the last SCG Legacy Open in Seattle just in time for the one there this weekend!

Immortal Servitude

If you’re looking for something different to play at SCG Standard Open: Dallas, Dayv recommends Immortal Servitude. Read on to find out why!

Mind Twists #12

Mind Twists is back with two head-scratching Magic puzzles and more awesome giveaways for your enjoyment!