AuthorDayv Doberne

Dayv "Sunyveil" Doberne is an avid Twitch streamer, deckbuilder, rock climber, and musician. He is perhaps a bit too proud of his 50% lifetime winrate at the Pro Tour and is determined to keep it that way; nowadays he can be found jamming Two-Headed Giant side events at Magic Fests or brewing decks for Magic Arena.

Mind Twists #11

Dayv has two new Magic puzzles to keep you busy this week. Don’t forget to submit a correct solution to be entered in a raffle for a signed card!

Mind Twists #10

Dayv Doberne gives you your weekly Magic: The Gathering puzzle fix with two new puzzles and the solutions to last week’s puzzles.

Mind Twists #9

In the latest edition of StarCityGames.com’s very own puzzle column, Dayv Doberne has two new Magic puzzles to test your mettle along with solutions to last week’s puzzles.

Mind Twists #8

Check out the two new Magic puzzles that Dayv Doberne has to throw at you in this week’s installment of Mind Twists and see the solutions to last week’s puzzles.

Mind Twists #7

If you like Magic puzzles, check out the seventh edition of Mind Twists with Dayv Doberne. Figure out the correct answer, submit it via email, and you’ll be entered into a raffle for a prize!

Mind Twists #6

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another installment of Dayv Doberne’s Mind Twists. This week Dayv also shares his Battle of Wits decklist for Standard with you.

Mind Twists #5

After taking last week off since he was at SCG Open Series: Seattle, Dayv Doberne is back with the fifth edition of Mind Twists. Time to exercise those brain muscles!

Mind Twists #4

Dayv Doberne provides your weekly Magic puzzle fix and also shares the Standard deck he plans on playing this weekend at the SCG Standard Open in Seattle.

Mind Twists #3

If you like solving Magic: The Gathering puzzles, then don’t miss this week’s installment of Dayv Doberne’s Mind Twists!

Mind Twists #2

Find out the correct solutions and who won the prizes from Mind Twists #1, and see what Magic puzzles Dayv Doberne has in store for you to solve this week!

Mind Twists #1

Welcome to the first edition of Mind Twists. Each week Dayv Doberne will be bringing you two Magic puzzles; submit a correct solution and you will be entered into a raffle for a small prize!

What’s In Your Pod?

What new toys is Avacyn Restored giving to Birthing Pod? SCG Standard Open in Indianapolis champion and Pod aficionado Dayv Doberne evaluates potential new cards for the strategy and suggests a starting point for Pod decks in the new format.

Stabilize, Titan, Elesh Norn

Dayv Doberne made 6th at SCG Standard Open: Baltimore with a four-color Birthing Pod deck. How did he come upon this deck choice, and how does one play the deck? Prepare for this weekend’s GP and Standard Open in Salt Lake City.