AuthorCommander VS

Commander VS is the flagship Commander video series produced by Star City Games.

Add-A-Color Extravaganza!

Ever wish you could sneak an extra color into a Commander deck? Well, there’s no sneaking going on in this game! What happens when Kambal, Consul of Allocation gets to play with 27 Persistent Petitioners? We’re about to find out!

Ravnica Allegiance Legends Showdown!

Brand new set, same classic Commander VS fun! We’re bringing the fab four into the studio to test out the power and leadership of some of the newly famous Ravnica Allegiance legends!

Artist Tribal!

Justin, Jeremy, Jonathan, and Stephen are back with one of the more unique themes they’ve had: same artist decks! Which artist would you choose if your deck could only have one?

2018 Favorite Decks!

It’s a greatest hits album of Commander VS greats! In all their games last year, the guys have chosen these as their very favorite leaders of all! Which commanders won your heart in 2018?

Ravnica Allegiance Exclusive Preview Card!

The gentlemen of Commander VS reveal and discuss the newest card from Magic’s upcoming set! Special thanks to Wizards of the Coast for providing this exclusive Ravnica Allegiance preview content!

SCG CON Winter Snowed In Special!

Our intrepid heroes couldn’t wait to play some live Commander VS at SCG CON! Unfortunately, record snowfall forced them out of action! To make it up to you, they’ve gone into the studio for a bonus episode! Thanks guys!

Season Finale Fan Request 2!

Some of the most fun Commander decks on the show have come from you, the viewers! The guys express their appreciation with another installment of the acclaimed fan request episodes! The Commander VS team will see you at SCG CON!

Fan Request, Part 1!

The viewers have spoken, and our players have chosen. Four fan suggestions come to life in a 100-card fight for points and pride!

Video Games!

The guys have brilliantly put together theme decks from some of their favorite video game franchises! Who will outlast the rest of the pod to beat the game…and who will end up getting a game over early?

Coliseum of Randomness: First Blood!

Justin Parnell, Stephen Green, Jonathan Suarez, and Jeremy Noell sure love to get random! And why not?! EDH is the perfect format to do all the silly things tournament Magic is too serious for! See the chaos firsthand here!

Halloween Horde!

Things are getting spooky on Commander VS! Parnell, Green, Noell, and Suarez aren’t the only ones who brought decks this time…

Five Dollars Per Card!

Commander doesn’t have to break the bank! With a budget of $5 per card, Parnell, Green, Noell, and Suarez battle to reign supreme!

Guilds Of Ravnica Legends!

Standard isn’t the only place to find Guilds of Ravnica! The Commander VS team is shuffling up brand new decks led by some exciting new legends!