AuthorCommander VS

Commander VS is the flagship Commander video series produced by Star City Games.

Halloween Horde!

Things are getting spooky on Commander VS! Parnell, Green, Noell, and Suarez aren’t the only ones who brought decks this time…

Five Dollars Per Card!

Commander doesn’t have to break the bank! With a budget of $5 per card, Parnell, Green, Noell, and Suarez battle to reign supreme!

Guilds Of Ravnica Legends!

Standard isn’t the only place to find Guilds of Ravnica! The Commander VS team is shuffling up brand new decks led by some exciting new legends!

New Fan Request Special!

Some of the best decks on Commander VS have come from the fans! This tradition continues as the guys play with a few fan favorites!


Standard was dominated by the Titans for years! Maybe they’d have been fine if they were legendary? Well, let’s make them legendary then!

Mystery Commanders!

The crew puts a pod together where the deck contents are a delightful mystery! Every draw step is like opening a booster pack! Who will prevail when all the fun has concluded and a victor must be declared?

Surprise Decks!

Join Jeremy Noell, Justin Parnell, Stephen Green, and Jonathan Suarez for a journey into the random! Let’s see who ends up with what…and who conquers all!