AuthorCommander VS

Commander VS is the flagship Commander video series produced by Star City Games.

Core Set 2020 Legends!

It’s a battle of Core Set 2020 commanders! The Commander VS crew will duke it out with Atemsis, Kethis, Omnath, and Yarok to see whose 100 cards reign supreme!

Modern Horizons Legends!

Commander VS returns for Season 16 with Modern Horizons legends! Urza battles Yawgmoth, the Queen Among Bears takes on The First Sliver, and there’s one guaranteed winner: the viewer!

Fan Decks At SCG CON Summer!

Four Commander VS personalities, four fan-submitted decks, one smashing good time! Who won the battle played out at SCG CON Summer? Everyone watching, of course!

Fan Request!

Commander VS is nothing without the fans, and our fabulous foursome share the love by playing fan decks! What happens when Angus Mackenzie and Chisei, Heart of Oceans do battle?

Chaos In The Command Zone!

Forget creatures as commanders! This week, Commander VS has each player wielding a War of the Spark planeswalker and one of their spells. Who will win this wild battle?

War Of The Spark Legends!

Four players. Four decks built around four legendary creatures from War of the Spark. More fun than you’re ready for. Click and watch anyway!

The $50 Challenge!

Commander meets cheap thrills! With a strict $50 budget, our players get crafty while staying competitive. Who’ll win the opposite of a costly victory?

Content Crossover!

Four special guests will join the Commander VS crew at SCG CON, and each of them has submitted one of the decks for this round! Whose deck — and which pilot — will reign supreme?

A Commander Game Of Thrones

What has more politics than a Game of Thrones marathon? One round with the Commander VS crew! And with Game of Thrones-themed decks in the mix, let the backstabbing begin!

Ravnica Only!

Deckbuilding: restricted. Fun: not restricted at all! The Commander VS crew returns for Season 15 with a special Ravnica-themed battle!

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Join the four featured players of Commander VS as they honor America’s greatest seed-sower, Johnny Appleseed, the only way they know how: through Magic!

Fan Request!

Commander VS would be nothing without the fans! Parnell, Noel, Suarez, and Green have taken requests. Now they’re about to take names!