AuthorCarsten Kotter

Carsten is a Magic player from Germany and what people call an "Eternal specialist." He's a member of Team CAB, has won several pieces of Power playing Vintage, and pioneered Meandeck Gifts and Control Slaver. He also enjoys Legacy!

Examining The DC Legacy Open

Looking forward to the Season Three Invitational, Carsten Kotter takes the opportunity to look backwards to #SCGDC and see just how much you can get out of the metagame data in order to better understand the current state of the Legacy format.

The Devil Is In The Details

Legacy is an incredibly complicated format to play, but some of the most critical decisions we have to make are almost invisible if we don’t know to look for them – and know to remain vigilant across a multi-round event.

Legacy: My Top Tier

This week Carsten Kotter takes a look at Legacy’s top tier as a preview to #SCGDC, anticipating what the best decks in the format are and how likely each is to make a significant dent in the Legacy Open’s metagame.

Wishing For Knowledge

With more time now to reflect on his experience from Grand Prix Lille, Carsten presents not just his report from that tournament but what he’s learned and how that informs his choices as he moves forward and rebuilds the deck.

Origins Brew Review

Carsten Kotter is here to share his multi-format look at Magic Origins, going through the set for playable cards in Modern, Vintage, and Legacy as well as intriguing cards for Standard.

Going To Lille

Carsten Kotter isn’t quite comfortable with his deck choice for Grand Prix Lille, and he showcases his metagame analysis and deck options while synthesizing something new for the event!


With Magic Origins taking great effort to hearken back to Magic’s oldest days with a few of its cards, Carsten just has to explore how Eternal formats might use these newest analogues to broken restricted Vintage cards.

Prague Eternal 2015

While he did not do so well as he might have hoped at the recent Prague Eternal event, Carsten takes a retrospective look at that weekend’s events thanks to the Top Eight results from the weekend.

My Tour Of Modern

What does an Eternal format expert like Carsten Kotter think of Modern? He’s here to give his impressions and to provide you with lots of lists for #SCGINVI and Grand Prix Charlotte!

The Fundamentals Of Magic

When you’ve been playing for a while, it’s easy to forget the seemingly obvious truths of Magic. Carsten Kotter reminds the veterans and teaches the new kids the things to remember when it comes to strong, fundamental Magic-playing!

Five Decks. Five Hands.

Before you make any other decision in a game of Magic, you have to make that first one: Do you keep? Carsten Kotter takes us through a slew of Legacy decision points, all of them happening before the first land or spell is cast! Do you agree with each keep/mulligan decision? Why or why not?

You Choose The Brew: Season 2, Episode 2

Eternal expert Carsten Kotter returns to host the show that allows you to hone a new Legacy deck! Carsten has strong synergies, combos, card selection, revived old archetypes, and more in this edition! Help him shape the deck that could win #SCGPORT’s $5,000 Legacy Premier IQ!