AuthorAJ Sacher

Streaming pioneer AJ Sacher is a former pro tour player with two Grand Prix Top 8s and over fifteen Open Series Top 8s, including two wins. He is a well-respected Magic theorist and one of the most acclaimed writers in the game.

W/B Humans At #SCGRICH *1st*

AJ Sacher recounts the evolution W/B Humans and how he took down the SCG Standard Open with it in Richmond. He also provides an updated list for #SCGINVI!

GP Providence

With Team Sealed coming to the StarCityGames.com Open Series in Richmond, AJ relives what it was like to play Grand Prix: Providence with two of his best friends.

Advent Of Advent Of The Wurm

Read fourteen-time SCG Open Top 8 competitor AJ Sacher’s ode to Advent of the Wurm and see why you should consider playing with it in Bant Flash in Standard at #SCGNASH or #SCGMA.

AJTV #11: Looking To The Endgame

You asked, he delivered! In the latest episode of AJTV, AJ Sacher analyzes the final game of the semifinal match between Brian-Braun Duin and Gerry Thompson at #SCGINVI.

AJTV #10: Focusing On What Matters

Episode 10 of AJTV has arrived! This time AJ Sacher evaluates game 1 of Joe Bass (Esper Control) versus Gerry Thompson (U/W/R Flash) at the SCG Invitational in Atlanta.

G/R Aggro: Refinement And Playing Versus Delver

AJ Sacher breaks down the matchup between two popular Standard decks: G/R Aggro and Delver. Gain valuable insight into both of these decks to prepare for SCG Classic Series: Knoxville and SCG Open Series: Minneapolis.

Legacy Week – The “Others” Part 1

Have you ever lost to a “bad” Legacy deck? AJ Sacher tells you how you can identify and prepare yourself to play against these “Other” Legacy decks at StarCityGames.com Open: Dallas/Fort Worth.

Lessons From Grand Prix San Diego

Learning a Limited format on the fly, AJ analyzes his San Diego performance with a student’s perspective. If you’re interested in improving your Innistrad skills for a St. Louis Draft Open, class is in session!

SCG Classic – Pondering Brainstorm

Published more than a year ago, this ode to Brainstorm is still incredibly relevant today, on whatever level of the game you are on. Reread this amazing article on proper Brainstorming.